District 87 searching for a DEI Superintendent

By Diane Benjamin

District 87 School Board may have already made their choice to replace Barry Reilly, the timeline for making a final decisions shows this week. Here are two of the qualifications they were looking for:

The consultant surveyed administration, teachers, students, non-parent community members, support staff, and the Board of Education and then compiled a list from their answers. You can see those statistics in the FOIA I received:

Equality and Equity are complete opposites. The Declaration of Independence states We are created equal. Equity means some people have to have less to create equality. Instead of promoting excellence for those willing to work for it, mediocre makes everyone equal.

Previously I wrote about one history book used by District 87 in high school. https://blnnews.com/2021/10/27/high-school-history-books/

I have since FOIA’d 3 other area school districts for all the history books they use in high school, including District 87.

This is what I received from District 87:

That file is 10 pages. Read the titles, if the history of America as founded is taught – it is a small part.

Pages 2-6 are titled Diversity in World History. Page 7 starts Diversity in American History. I can’t tell if this was is curriculum written at District 87 or not, but a lot of the mentioned topics are a current look at past events. The sole purpose is to teach Diversity Equity and Inclusion – not actual history.

One thing students aren’t taught is history has to be framed in context. The Constitution talks about “building a more perfect union”, a perfect country will never be achieved because people aren’t perfect. This country has attempted to do better when we knew better. I see divisive history and very little explaining why people from all over the world still want to be here.

It seems pretty clear why District 87 kids don’t know actual history and believe the 1619 Project.

I will post what I received from Olympia, Tri-Valley, and Unit 5 when I get around to them.

District 87 should immediately throw out any materials from Howard Zinn. He has been promoting fake history in schools for decades. Why would District 87 teach history written by an anti-American Marxist? https://historynewsnetwork.org/article/1493








4 thoughts on “District 87 searching for a DEI Superintendent

  1. The ISBE has mandated that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion be the foundation of their new pedagogy. (see Illinois’ CRTeaching and Leadership Standard)

    DEI is the straw man solution for worsening academic achievement that the ISBE has overseen for decades.

    In a few years we will see that the results of their “solution” only made things worse. Where has it been proven to work?

    It only requires the common sense of a June Bug to know that the results will not only be complete academic failure but a combative social stratification of our whole society. At that point these things will be unrepairable.


      1. Uneducated and throughly confused. What we see today in Kenosha’s streets will be what we see tomorrow in our schools. The Kenosha Unified School District just moved to remote learning ahead of the verdict by the way. Why would that be?


      2. Maybe Kenosha is the model of future education? Permanent on line learning.

        End the influence of woke state and local Boards of Education, the unions, rabid woke teachers, race and sex based education. Let parents chose and see what is being taught.

        There will be negatives but on the balance I would not let my child enter the new woke school room of the future.


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