High School History Books

By: Diane Benjamin

I FOIA’d the curriculum approved for one specific Social Studies teacher at BHS. I’ve got a lot of data to look at, but start with the textbook mentioned first in what I received:

Modern World History:  Patterns of Interaction  (McDougal Littell)

The excerpt below is from this website: https://archive.org/details/ERIC_ED485622/page/n13/mode/2up?q=Modern+World+History+Patterns+of+Interaction+McDougal+Littell

You may have to create a free account to access it.

This is a review of the textbook mentioned above. This was written by an organization founded in 1989 called the American Textbook Council:

Note the last line: Not a history book.

The second text book mentioned in my FOIA is: The Americas:  Reconstruction to the 21st Century (McDougal Littell)

Note, the authors are the same. Neither of these textbooks mention the 1619 Project. My FOIA was for approved curriculum from one specific teacher who was identified as teaching it.

I have many other documents to review but the School Board knows who my FOIA targeted. I’m sure they get a list of FOIAs filed. Your elected representatives need to ask questions – unless they approve of teachers using unapproved materials and FAKE HISTORY.

Next they should look at better textbooks that aren’t picture and activity books. Both books are used in 9th grade. If parents don’t demand a better education your kids won’t get one.

4 thoughts on “High School History Books

  1. Attempts to teach Socialist history goes back to the 1970’s. Had a radical nun in high school that made sure we had a text book that was filled with nothing but revisionist history and other social nonsense. Before or after, I had never gotten less than A’s or B’s in any history, social studies or civics class. Those that disagreed with her never got higher than C’s and some even a “D” for the course. Years later, she quit the religious order and ran off with a former priest who had also rescinded his vows. Don’t know what happened to her but the former priest became a social worker who also moonlighted as a speaker who would give talks at churches trying to guilt audiences into contributing to his pet causes. Just remembered she was a total physco in class that went off on one tangent to the next. Howard Zinn books also infiltrated history departments decades ago.

  2. As I understand from watching a interview of a woman who experienced Mao’s social revolution as a child, it began with closing all the schools for two years and re-educating the teachers. We also know how it ended.

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