District 87 Board meeting, video of my Public Comment

By: Diane Benjamin

See this story from yesterday: https://blnnews.com/2021/10/27/high-school-history-books/

I had to speak to the District 87 School Board last night about the two history books mentioned in that story. They aren’t teaching actual history. 9th Grade Social Studies is a waste of time, it might also be where the 1619 Project is taught. Since the District uses deplorable history books I have to assume they want the 1619 project taught – Fake History.

Think back to the June meeting and the kids who spoke. At least one mentioned their history books tell them nothing. He was right. One reviewer of Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction called it “Edutainment”. It has no value in teaching history.

I did call for the resignation of the School Board. Barry Reilly must resign too. They are failing to teach real history on purpose. The two books mentioned might have been used since 2014. I will be submitting additional FOIA requests to District 87 and other area schools. Teaching starts with the textbooks, if bad textbooks are used it is on purpose and your kids are the victims.

District 87 may collect an additional $1 million+ next year because of rising property values. They need to use that money for real textbooks. Instead of dropping the tax rate you pay it is staying the same. If your Assessed Value increased you will be paying more in property taxes.

9 thoughts on “District 87 Board meeting, video of my Public Comment

  1. Thank you for your investment of time, research and energy to do what the school board was elected to do. My guess is the board has no idea of what textbooks are used, they just go along with the recommendations made by the staff/administration and pushed by their union.

  2. Why is someone who doesn’t live in that school district, have children attending the represented schools, or not even contributing as a taxpayer to that specific entity allowed to spout propagandist vitriol she wouldn’t recognize $.02 about if she wasn’t a mouth-breathing right-wing radical doing wasting the time of people that actually have vested interests?

    You are your own biggest fan. Continue to enjoy the celebrity of your ignorant fan-base from a distance. I will continue to do the same for comedic value.

    1. Seth I’d rather hear your arguments about why you support the curriculum that the majority of parents find to be garbage rather than listening to your blathering about who can or can not speak for them.

  3. I would like to know the connection between District 87’s teaching of communistic garbage and requirements for its receipt of state/federal funding, mostly to pay mammoth administrator/teacher salaries. Because I’m sure there is one. Same with the nonsensical mask BS. No masks, no $$$. No wonder this board defends both so vehemently, their bank accounts are at stake.

  4. And as she walked up to the blackboard
    I can still recall the words she had to say
    She said, “I’d like to address this meeting of the Harper Valley PTA

  5. Thank you so much Diane. We really appreciate all the time you invest to gather this information and present it to the board. The sad thing is, not one of them has the courage or integrity to resign. They’re puppets for the marxist progressive agenda, and are compensated well for it.

  6. Jamesmadison, I can tell you for a fact that the billions of dollars Illinois is receiving for CARES covid relief funds going to schools (ESSER) can be used for promotion of the woke equity, inclusion and diversity agenda. Each state is required to outline what it will use their funds for. The federal government approves it. 90 percent is totally unrelated to recovery or prevention of future affects of pandemics in schools.

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