3 Things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin


Water is now being shut off in Bloomington for not paying the bills. Government created the problem by allowing tenants to not pay rent and bills with no consequences. Landlords and taxpayers bore the brunt of this socialist policy: Everything is free!

It gets worse! Landlords were not notified their tenants weren’t paying the bills. The City has now opted to bill the landlords since the tenants didn’t pay. The landlords were never notified by the City tenants weren’t paying. Government allowed gaming the system and they now expect landlords to pay for their generosity. The tenants could have applied for financial assistance, for some moving was a better option. Tari Renner was still mayor when this abuse began.


Does anyone know if students who attend Benjamin Elementary mostly live at the Grove? Every day there are LONG lines of cars dropping off and picking up kids, long enough to snake around the parking lot and out on to Ireland Grove Road.

If they do live in the Grove, the City of Bloomington wasted a lot of money building a path to connect the west side of the subdivision to the school. Carpooling isn’t an option either?


This statement is on the Illinois State Board of Education website: https://www.isbe.net/Pages/ESSA.aspx

Note: the highlighted words don’t say college OR career. Obama mentioned MANY times that all kids must go to college. It is now obvious why, indoctrination!

Did you know Illinois High School Seniors can’t graduate until they complete some form of college financial aid application? https://www.thevedette.com/student-financial-aid-applications-to-be-required-to-graduate/

Why is just a s obvious!

Every high school graduate does not have to attend college. What about trade schools and internships? What about simple hard work that leads to moving up?

Why the push to enslave kids to debt when it isn’t necessary to succeed?

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  1. Kids in many neighborhoods off of Ireland Grove Rd go to Benjamin and they get bus service, but many parents still drive them anyway.

  2. #1
    Landlords were forced to provide “free housing” AND now pay for resident water bills for the past 18 months. I hope ALL folks understand WHY the rents are going to be raised A LOT to cover all of these “free rent and free water” bills. Nothing is ever FREE!!

    Same scenario at the school on 150 – George Evans Elementary School. EVERY child has to be dropped off by car or bussed on to the school property (no houses are near the school AND there are no sidewalks, etc – to walk or bike to school anyway) Why on earth wasn’t that school built over by State Farm Corp South – instead of on the south side of the highway? My guess is – something to do with money.

    There is already a huge shortage in younger people going into “the trades” now.
    These are very portable and useful skills to have…I mean – I don’t know how you can fix a plumbing problem from the keyboard of a computer!

  3. I’m guessing the reason the city is billing the landlords for water is to put an additional squeeze on them in hopes they will have to sell their rental property to BlackRock. This would bring us closer to Klaus Snob’s Great Reset where “little people” will own nothing and be happy.

  4. I ran into someone I know who was a business owner a few weeks ago in a grocery store. We both got to talking about the employment situation that business owners are facing… lack of finding those willing to work. He thought maybe after the eviction notices would start going out that would light a fire for people to start finding employment. That doesn’t seem to be the case. I suppose as long as they are getting unemployment granted by a Democrat Socialist governor why work!

    I talk to a friend who works for a large bank and he said every time those child tax credit payments arrive for direct deposit why the bank gets flooded with internet activity from the receivers logging in to check to see if they deposit was made. The Democrats are turning this country into a welfare country. My gawd my parents never received any thing like that raising a family. What you did as parents was find employment and worked a job!

    I told a relative of mine you should be glad you aren’t in the restaurant business anymore. Of the few that I go to they have either had to lock their doors or limit their hours of service.

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