Diversity Equity Inclusion instead of excellence

By: Diane Benjamin

The new Bloomington Police Chief announced he wants 30% female officers by 2030. Does that mean white males or even black males shouldn’t bother to apply? Ditto Hispanics and any other people that aren’t the right gender? Will transgender females qualify under the 30 by 30 plan?

I have zero problem with female officers if each was the best person for the job. Are the job requirements exactly the same for females and males? If not, the caliber of the force is being downgraded because of a DEI fad.

Is a female more likely to shoot a suspect being aggressive because she isn’t capable of subduing a large male suspect in the same way a male officer could? Will all female officers need to be paired with a male to make sure this situation never happens? Is a female more likely to die in the line of duty because of all the above?

Are the educational requirements still the same for possible female officers?

We used to value exceptionalism. We used to teach our kids to strive for greatness. Institutions used to search for the best possible employees regardless of gender or skin color.

Don’t the other officers on the force deserve the best possible new hires?

Since nobody else is asking questions, I am.

Meanwhile, if your aren’t white and are female you would likely get hired as an officer on the spot. A white female might take a little longer. A white male wanting to be a cop needs to find a state that hasn’t lost their mind.

Remember when nobody wanted to be seen as an Affirmative Action hire because skin color didn’t mean the person was qualified?

Now new hires will be looked at as DEI hires. Please explain how it isn’t discrimination to announce 30 by 30 for the Bloomington Police Force. Public Safety demands the best officers not DEI hires because the culture is temporarily nuts.

5 thoughts on “Diversity Equity Inclusion instead of excellence

  1. Ha, ha, people getting hired based on their competency to most positions hasn’t happened since AA was put in place. It was a law fashioned to put whitey ( basically white males) in their place. What did Bloomington think they were going to get hiring a minority candidate? No matter what they tell you, they all stick together like glue. Likely the Assistant City Manager told him he would be hired only if he pursued AA hires. Really doesn’t matter. The shootings and robberies in BN will continue unabated because the leadership wants more minorities, white trash, homosexuals and drug addicts to populate the city in the name of social justice. Chicago, San Fransisco and Seattle are your future. Anyone with a brain could see this coming years ago as liberals took over the local political class. Enjoy your stupidity.

  2. Almost every industry is establishing self-mandated quotas on hiring and promoting “diverse” candidates. Candidates become qualified by gaining experience over time. You’re already hearing about businesses struggling to meet their diversity goals (quotas) due to a shortage of qualified candidates. Not to be deterred, the bar will be lowered so the box can be checked and success declared. And thus accelerating the race to the bottom. I realize this is not necessarily the same as hiring and training police officers. My point is that it’s happening across the board. Long live mediocrity!

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