Tyranny will end at Unit 5

By: Diane Benjamin

Video from last night’s School Board meeting: https://vimeo.com/653773028

Public Comment starts at 49:30. Comments by the Board members proceeded the public.

Only one teacher wanted the mask mandate to stay in place even though it has been ruled illegal.

Parents, students, and Unit 5 teachers spoke against the district continuing to to defy the judges ruling. The guy pictured above was the final speaker – see 1:53:00. The Board thinks they have the power to mask your kids and make un-vaxed teachers test. They don’t. Parents are going to go after the Board’s Surety Bonds for violating the law. That makes them ineligible to hold office. Stay tuned.

One Normal West student with autism spoke about being banned from senior night for failure to wear a mask. His comments were noted by two other speakers. Unit 5 needs to fix this today.

I can’t do justice to the people who showed up and spoke last night. Please listen to all of them yourself. They want the freedom to choose what is best for their children. Every parent deserves that right, Unit 5’s lawyer doesn’t have that power.

The Judge Grischow got it right: Evil.








21 thoughts on “Tyranny will end at Unit 5

  1. Standing up & fighting against these “Tyrants” is finally happening!! It’s been long overdue! Ron 

  2. The other affect of filing claims against the Surety Bonds will be that Unit 5’s interest cost will be negatively (Higher) affected by the Board’s failures.

    1. Good!! They’ll cry about it, “oh we had to waste precious tax dollars on this frivolous lawsuit.” Meanwhile, they spend untold taxpayer dollars on obscene pensions & on an even more obscene curriculum, which amounts to brainwashing & indoctrination. Tell them in response, “Finally money well spent.”

  3. The masks are not about “health.” The testing is not about “health.” Any arguing the “science” and legal issues is just noise to drown out the real issue here. The masks and the testing are purely, simply, and solely forms of coercion and punishment. The end game here is to get every single solitary man, woman and child in the U.S. injected with some “secret sauce” and you’re not allowed to know what’s in it. End of story. Maybe if you get sick of the masks after a few years and the constant testing, you’ll just give in and get however many injections you’re told to get. This is all about wearing people down.

    1. “The end game here is to get every single solitary man, woman and child in the U.S. injected with some “secret sauce”. For what purpose? Coercion? Punishment? For whose benefit? What do you know that the general public does not?

  4. ALL PARENTS: If you want to help ensure that your current school administrators will be shown the door at the earliest opportunity once kid-friendly school boards are elected, go to this link and fill out the survey: https://survey.5-essentials.org/Illinois/
    I think this covers all IL schools; at a minimum I know Unit 5 and District 87 are participating.

    Some things to remember when filling out the survey: Have your students been bullied? Only every moment of the school day. Does the school address bullying? If by address you mean “actively promote and participate in”… Does the school encourage parent input and involvement? No, it is actively ignored. Do the people at the school promote learning and otherwise pursue the children’s best interests? No the kids are 3rd at best on their list of priorities. Would you recommend this school to others? Let’s keep it polite and say ‘no’. I don’t recall most of the questions, but read them while keeping in mind how the schools and their various employees and officials actively promoted child abuse through masking, isolation, etc, and I’m sure you can figure out the answers.

    1. I just tried to login to the survey and was unsuccessful as I do not have any children in school. Please share with Parents, Students, and Teachers who would like the opportunity to take this survey.

  5. I watched the school board meeting for unit 5. It seemed to me the board felt somewhat “protected” behind their masks . The parents need to elect board members who know they are working on behalf of parents. Sadly, as with most elected offices, these people become very self important and stop representing their constituents.
    I am keenly aware we may have Chicago give JB another term. I do not have much faith in good messaging coming from Republicans. I truly believe that this scare tactic of disease will continually be used to decree unlawful mandates from evil Governors and the Biden Administration to oppress us and control us.

  6. I don’t think the administrators are hateful people, I just think they are afraid.
    They’re afraid of their hair on fire, progressive, liberally educated, friends and teachers that would socially cut their throats if they didn’t walk in lock step.
    They’re afraid of being labeled a “you want people to die!” conservative.
    They’re afraid of the teacher’s unions.
    They’re afraid of going against the person they voted in as governor and president.
    They’re afraid of losing their jobs as school administrators and teachers because they know that if they disagree they would out on the street in the blink of an eye.

    Hard times require hard decisions. These people prefer hard decisions be made by someone else because they are afraid.

    1. I should note that when you are afraid and afraid to make hard decisions and therefore let others make them for you, you leave open the danger that the decision maker will make the decision for selfish or wrong headed reasons. That person is often unaffected by the decision he/she makes so they can use it for their own advantage, not for the good of the ones their decision affects. Maybe we were all afraid and the wolfs knew it.

      1. We let the wolves decide.

        Wolf #1 – The Biden Administration that saw the opportunity for unrelated social re-engineering, transfers of wealth, increased taxes and political victory.
        Wolf #2 – Governor Pritzker and Pelosi who saw federal funds to bail out Illinois democrat spending abuses.
        Wolf #3 – Teacher’s unions that care more about teachers than students.
        Wolf #4 – Administrators who saw ESSER fund income.
        Wolf #5 – Teachers who don’t like to teach but still get paid.
        Wolf #6 – ISBE that saw the opportunity to advance racial teaching agenda’s
        Wolf #7 – ?

        Lambs – our children

  7. “Fromhere” you nailed it.

    A big part of this is people who run for public office to pad their resume and really don’t expect to have to make any hard decisions. They are kiss ass corporate / community ladder climbers and not public servants. They need someone else to make the decisions for them. Either they just don’t have the spine for public criticism, or they don’t have the knowledge necessary to make a decision. In other words they’re stupid and value the prestige of holding public office over the responsibility of public service. It’s shameful and it’s time a lot of the public speakers last night start organizing a run for school board in 2023.

  8. Go to the Unit 5 Web site and look at the board members and their terms. Three of the seven were appointed, not elected in 2018. I hope that causes some of us at last night’s meeting to repent of our lack of past engagement. We must never let these people forget what they have done to our children. No more appointed members to the school board, please.

    1. That is an excellent point. We must put them on notice that they will be voted out at the earliest opportunity.

  9. Pritzker did not relax the masks at school because the teachers union threatened a mass strike if he relaxed masks at schools. The union does not care about kids. They want more money and concessions out of greed. The teachers and administrators are letting children be used as pawns for their personal profit. The reputation of teachers is going from positive to negative.

  10. I would be pulling my child out of Hendrick’s class right now. Her shirt and the “deadly” virus. A communist for sure. She needs to be fired.

    1. She’s a kindergarten teacher at Cedar Ridge. Poor thing. That’s a high risk demographic for the spread of COVID if I ever saw one.

  11. I watched the entire video, and one thing that strikes me as strange. The people (some just nervous I suspect) who start by saying, “thank you for this opportunity to address the board.” It’s your Constitutional Right to address elected officials. Some of them were being polite, etc., but you don’t need to thank them for letting you exercise your rights.

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