Democrats aren’t the party of CHOICE

By: Diane Benjamin

Democrats in Illinois prove they are the party of DEATH. Their goal is to kill as many babies as possible through abortion.

SB 1909 just passed the Illinois Senate is now headed to the House. It targets crisis pregnancy centers. They want to fine any organization that helps women who find themselves pregnant decide for themselves what to do. Fines will put them out of business.

Crisis pregnancy centers provide education, healthcare, assistance with needed items, adoption services, or even abortion counseling. They don’t use deceptive practices! Women know they will either have a baby or kill it, what’s deceptive?

Democrats only want females to enter the baby-killing Planned Parenthood facility near them and murder their child quickly. Democrats don’t want women to know the long-term consequences of living with the guilt of ending the life of their baby. Democrats don’t want women to know the terror of a chemical abortion and seeing their baby in a toilet.

They know it’s a baby. Democrats know it’s a baby. They want to pretend the emotional side doesn’t exist.

Crisis pregnancy centers even counsel women who have had abortions and help them to recover from the trauma.

Link to the bill:

More than 3 times as many people filed Witness Slips against this bill in the Senate than filed in support. Democrats ignored them.

Democrats need to be referred to now as the:

Party of Death

and Anti-Women

It is clear that the majority party plans to rob women of any choice. Senate Bill 1909 is a farcical piece of legislation, whose clear purpose is to shutdown every Pregnancy Help Center across Illinois.

8 thoughts on “Democrats aren’t the party of CHOICE

  1. It is becoming more clear everyday, to those that look, democrats are evil. All democrats, for by their vote truly evil people have taken control of America. They murder the unborn, they celebrate sodomites, they unjustly accuse but they allow rapists and murders to go free, and they watch our nation being burned and do nothing. Evil…..much worse than just unAmerican.

    1. The Democrat/socialist/progressives are close to gaining a majority on all local elected bodies. They are not there yet and they CAN be stopped : it is NOT too late.

      But… , taxpayers , the employed , families and citizens that are proud of our country better get out and VOTE this Tuesday.

      1. And while it feels good to preach to the choir here, be sure to Talk to people you know (and maybe some you dont!), and Remind any that might be busy or easily distracted – This Election Is Critical for the future of our children, our schools, and our towns/cities/villages!

    2. You have got to be kidding me. My wife had two pregnancies go wrong and had to have them terminated…one of the toughtest choices to be made, by us both…And you all just stand out there in judgement…..Stay in your own yard, your values to do NOT need to roll over on the rest of us.

      There are times when life throws a curve ball, and the last thing anyone needs is interference from a government agency or someone who thinks they are entitled to run anothers life according to their prayer book…Knock it off…

  2. Good luck with that. I’ve contacted every voter I know. I pray all that follow this blog have too!! (so long as they’re not democrats).

  3. That’s why I’ve been calling them demonrats. Imagine if everyone called them demonrats.

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