Looking for Info! Doctors and the SAFE-T Act

By: Diane Benjamin

I received an email from a friend who’s son is in the medical field. If this is true it is dangerous!

Ever have a procedure at a hospital and get billed by not only the hospital but other doctors? That is because they are contracted with the hospital, they don’t work for the hospital.

The scary part is this: Doctors who work in the ER, maybe just on call for the ER, have not renewed contracts because when the SAFE-T Act goes into effect those breaking the law have more rights than their victims. If you need a specialist one might not exist.

Maybe the below is why:


Trespassers can escalate quickly. It appears the SAFE-T ACT requires injury to the innocent before law enforcement can remove the perpetrator. Being abusive to staff isn’t enough.

If you have information SPILL IT!

5 thoughts on “Looking for Info! Doctors and the SAFE-T Act

  1. Liberals comment those poor people that can’t afford bail can now have a chance to be released versus those that may have the resources to post bail I have a unique idea how about all those people don’t commit a crime to begin with what a unique thought!


  2. I’ve been watching quite a few Youtube video’s where Victor David Hanson has been interviewed recently. He is the author of the book “The Dying Citizen…” Quite an eye opening person he is. Yeah basically the Democrat left/progressives and globalist are turning the USA into a as a commenter above states a “cesspool”

    Now I see where a CBS commentator said there is a 85% chance of a civil war. Well duh one doesn’t have to question why. You go to some websites that allow comments to be posted and I’ve never seen so much vile hatred comments being posted against the working class in this country. Victor points this out in one of his conversations. Recently at an Oregon sports event BYU is treated with anti-religious hate speech.

    As Victor points out the progressives and left if not dealt with what they want they attack the system. You know the verbage they use “illegitimate Supreme Court, no cash bail….etc. I thought he said one reason Rome fell was due to the loss of citizenery where the influx of outsiders was permitted…. sound familar with illegal migrants?

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