5 things you need to know:

By: Diane Benjamin


Pritzker has instructed his Attorney General to immediately appeal the judge’s ruling yesterday calling masks “evil” and making them optional. https://justthenews.com/nation/states/center-square/judge-blocks-schools-enforcing-pritzkers-mask-vaccine-mandates-refers?utm_source=breaking&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter

Dictators don’t go down easy/


Somebody in Old Farm Lakes was tired of waiting for a snowplow, they used a snowblower to make a path. The Bloomington website shows the City is done, if your street isn’t call them.

On the bright side:


There was a fire at the Rivian plant which media reports the sprinkler system extinguished. Why did management tell employees not to talk about it? https://www.hoiabc.com/2022/02/05/normal-fire-chief-rivian-sprinkler-system-puts-out-vehicle-fire-local-plant/?fbclid=IwAR07ooAjQEfzO4T9emxf2hJD_-Tnhl_K4vGLYqZg0Ky7u84uw6Sfkx1XW6o


Media is also reporting National Fitness Campaign is dead in Normal, they have withdrawn the “grant”. https://www.hoiabc.com/2022/02/05/organization-abandons-180000-outdoor-fitness-court-normal/?fbclid=IwAR0RaTE7qgCbIeEyrNnhogTYTOdhN3ueArHmq2kZbTnvX4UMGEgwM9l_Djo

I think a FOIA is needed on this one!


FYI: In McLean County you have less than a 1% chance of dying from COVID:


9 thoughts on “5 things you need to know:

  1. Great updates. Thank you Diane. I guess Rivian doesn’t want people to know the batteries are susceptible to this. The bright light of truth shined on that ridiculous physical fitness fiasco. Just another way for leftist progressive marxists to funnel our tax dollars to their friends. With numbers like that on C19, I think this 2 year charade is over. So incredibly thankful for the WIN and the judges ruling. Unmask your children.

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    1. FYI
      “Normally a car fire you can put out with 500 to 1,000 gallons of water,” Austin Fire Department Division Chief Thayer Smith said, according The Independent. “But Teslas may take up to 30,000-40,000 gallons of water, maybe even more, to extinguish the battery pack once it starts burning and that was the case here.”Aug 17, 2021

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  2. Just think of the same type of battery in these vehicles was in the Galaxy Note 7 cell phone. These batteries obviously much bigger and more powerfull in the vehicles The FAA banned the Note 7 from air travel due to fire problems.


  3. So when will the majority of people in B/N get some brains and look into the research that clearly shows most masks people are wearing do absolutely NOHING to stop viruses? I go to stores and am amazed at how many clowns are walking around masked up. And then there are the real idiots driving in their cars alone and masked up. They are doing more harm to themselves by reducing the amount of oxygen and rebreathing carbon dioxide they should be exhaling. Gov, Pritzker is one of the globalist tyrants pushing the mask nonsense to see how many people they can fool. Use your brains, people!!! It seems the higher level of education, the more likely a person is to be fooled by globalist propaganda. (How is it that two states with large populations, FL and TX, are not mandating masks and are not having an issue with droves of people getting sick and dying?)


    1. I go to several towns in the area and BloNo seems to be the ONLY one where there seems to be even MORE people walking around in the silly face rags now than there were just a few weeks ago, and some are still wearing 2, and kids walking down the streets from the schools with their cloth of obedience still firmly in place, it’s pathetic. I also concur that it seems the more “educated” (cough) are the most obedient and still fearful. I’ve always known that many of them have very narrow educations, but it seems they have no desire to actually explore any options or do any research on their own and are content to continue doing what they did in academia and simply parrot whatever their “superiors” told them. I have not been to Champaign but I will venture that they may be even worse than BloNo since they have fallen full force for all of the propaganda from the beginning and they are even more plagued with the group of people known as perpetual students who never REALLY leave the safe cocoon of academia.


  4. Were D87, Unit 5, or the Catholic Diocese of Peoria schools any of the 145 Illinois school districts that were involved in the mask/vaccine lawsuit? If not, does that mean masks persist at local schools?


  5. As to the “cases” just think of all of the people who are 99.99% sure they had it who never tested and got through it the old fashioned way and/or with the stuff you can’t talk about or just stuff like chicken soup, hot lemon water, tea, vitamins etc – that would make the percentage of death and hospitalization even lower.


  6. Vitamin D and Zinc are great for the immune system. Best source of Vitamin D is the sun. Unfortunately Bill Gates and crew have intensified the chemtrails to block out the sun to prevent global warming. On most days, look to the sky. That milky white or gray this time of year thin and wispy looks like cloud cover is not anything made by mother nature. Yes Virginia, the military dream of controlling the weather has come true. It’s called geoengineering.


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