5 More things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin


Illinois State University demands the students are masked at all times! You can’t attend a basketball game without a mask. You can however attend the Chamber of Commerce gala without a mask – in the Bone Ballroom on the campus:

From the Pantagraph:

Random selfie with a huge crowd of no masks or social distancing in the background:

Pictures are all over Facebook, nobody noticed the hypocrisy however.


Daniel Bruker was just elected Dawson Highway Commissioner. I wonder if this equipment he is using on his private property belongs to the Township? That would be a crime of course. Dan?


I’m naming a new disease. It’s called WINTER. I haven’t felt well since at least Wednesday and since we did have plans this weekend I decided to get tested for COVID. NEGATIVE!

WINTER consists of coughing, headaches, minimal fever, and only eating toast with cinnamon and sugar. Weird since I never eat bread, I didn’t even like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as as kid.

Testing is now available in the NW corner of the airport parking lot. You have to have an appointment: https://form.jotform.com/220175342997159

It was really fast and easy, if you are positive they will tell you in an hour or less. Please don’t get tested if you aren’t sick!


WGLT did two stories about National Fitness Campaign and the Town of Normal:

They still haven’t done a story about the whole thing falling apart! I wonder why that is? Aren’t you dying to hear the lipstick on a pig spin? I am.


Send your kid to school tomorrow without a mask.









7 thoughts on “5 More things you need to know

  1. GLT is Koos’ propaganda arm. They will never report negative about the Koos regime regardless of how true it is.

    Notice the fitness park vote is not being rescinded. It has only been temporarily postponed. Koos is letting Preston talk but stop short of taking meaningful action. Preston’s posturing is fake political theater produced by Koos. Preston is playing his part. What a RINO!


  2. Masks have been used as a tool for Democrats to train people to believe conforming to Democrat propaganda is good and Republicans are evil because they question the “science.” When Trump was in office the Democrats shamelessly opposed the vaccine just because of their “orange man bad syndrome”, now look at them. They’re such hypocrites.


  3. First of all stop right there. This is the CHAMBER Gala. Got That ? For those of us involved , this is THE social capstone of our Always Be Closing ™️ year.

    These plebeian mask rules do not apply to us. Just as Boris Johnson and Gavin Newsom and elites world wide exempt themselves , WE the Blo/No version thereof , cannot be bound by mandates designed for the masses.

    One will never see such criticism of OUR maskless frolics in the credible, approved , Snopes checked media that we control – for they understand the clear necessity of our elite ruling class choices.

    2 weeks to flatten the curve & 3X Vax Up ye employEE’S and wagies ! Keep your nose to the grindstone and pay your taxes , so that WE may gala the night away , maskless , in OUR ChamberBubble.

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    1. The Mutual Admiration Society, known as the McLean County Chamber, is full of phonies that pat each other on the back, genuflect at the altar of big-government elites and elected “leaders” in Bloomington-Normal, and give each other cheap plaques once a year taking turns so everyone has a chance to win. I hope this selfie picture gets circulated everywhere in town.


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  5. 1.) Regarding the chamber gala, they are deliberately flaunting their unmasked faces. They do this on purpose because they know it will be seen by everyone. They know what the reaction will be yet they are comfortable flaunting it. Let’s call them out by name and see what reaction we’ll get. I must confess, I honestly don’t know any of these jerks and I’m glad. Do any of you recognize any of these faces in the crowd?


  6. Scott Preston–what an absolute joke. When they went looking for someone to fill these shoes, what possible qualifications did they have in mind? Doormat? Milquetoast? Jellyspine? Follower? Did they measure his nose for the nose ring and it fit? I don’t think we can even call this guy a Rino anymore. Truly he is a leftist progressive marxist, with an R behind his name. Name one thing he has ever done as a Constitutional Conservative?


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