By: Diane Benjamin

Did the local school district’s leadership even blink when Judge Grischow ruled masking kids EVIL?

“Statutory rights have attempted to be bypassed through the issuance of Executive Orders and Emergency Rules … This type of evil is exactly what the law was intended to constrain.”

Her statement called Pritzker EVIL! We are a representative republic, not a dictatorship. He is EVIL for issuing Executive Order after Executive Order without allowing our representatives a voice.

How many School Board members and school employees attended that maskless Chamber of Commerce event at ISU? https://blnnews.com/2022/02/06/5-more-things-you-need-to-know-2/

Tweet from the ISU President:

Was Kinzy there maskless?

College kids today must be beaten into submission. Why aren’t they disgusted by the maskless event held on their campus? Why aren’t they refusing to comply when the local elites don’t live by the same rules?

This is EVIL:

This is common sense and freedom:

Eventually when all schools are forced to make masks optional the real fun will begin. The parents who believe their kids will die if everybody isn’t masked and vaxed will pull their kids out of school. Yes folks, they are out there.

Some people love tyranny.






13 thoughts on “Evil

  1. And to think that when they send our troops off to war it is always to fight for freedom. But this war, current real time right here, right now in the good ole’ USA and the world is good vs evil. Truly it is WWIII.

  2. Old Stanky is right! Where are all the college kids protesting like the draft dodging chicken sh*ts did during my era? They were afraid they’d have to go fight communism and the liberal professors told them the war was wrong…..just what they wanted to hear. Now kids enforce the cancel culture, embrace communist principles, and shut down conservative American Christians! Unbelievable. Disgusting. Pathetic.

  3. Unit 5 is sending teachers home that won’t mask. They are also adding a discipline note to their employment record. Parkside Jr high had administrators checking compliance on the way in. I encouraged my kids to not mask today. They can’t send everyone home (well I guess they can, some districts went to e-learning). My kids were fearful of the repercussions. They will probably mask up. They have been well trained. Ugh.

  4. Laws and court orders do not matter to bureaucrats. They superintendents will continue to push their political ideology on our children until the courts order them SPECIFICALLY to stop or the chickenshit board members grow a spine and vote to fire the administrators who keep pushing this crap. The sad part is the administrators are using tax dollars to hire attorneys to enforce their pro-Pritzker political persuasion. Can you imagine the shitstorm the liberals would be having if this were a pro-Republican issue?

    1. Robert you too are spot on……but so long as conservatives and Republicans continue to try to be civil….to play by the Marques of Queensbury rules….you’ll continue to lose. Liberals will stop at nothing, absolutely nothing to get their way. They are the lowest of the low. That’s why they hate Trump so much, he can fight their kind of fight and win. People need to get out and take back the school boards and city councils or accept Marxist rule. Period. Laws won’t do it nor law suits. Take back your town. .

  5. I believe that notice from District 87 is intentionally deceiving. The judge’s order includes all School Districts in the State, regardless if there were plaintiffs from 87.

  6. TAKE NAMES! In every school district across the state write down & remember the names of school board representatives, superintendents, teachers, etc. who INSISTED that children continue to wear masks to school. Email, call, vote the board members out & get great candidates to run in their place. Print out copies of the ruling and hand them out to everyone. Do not stop fighting for your kids and everyone else’s kids. They are hoping to wear you down– don’t let them. The momentum is there and the time is NOW!

  7. “Dr. Barry Reilly” will soon find out that hitching his wagon to fat Boss Hogg Pritzker wasn’t a very wise thing to do. This whole charade is coming down…and the stooges like Reilly will be the first to feel the consequences. Count on it.

  8. People start filing some surety bonds against the school board and administrators and poof, the problem becomes theirs. It”s expensive for the perps and no doubt adds to their stress levels. Watch the rats jump ship! http://www.bondsforthe win.com Check it out!

  9. The Catholic Diocese of Peoria just announced tonight that masking will be optional starting tomorrow. The kids are thrilled. Maybe even as happy as the parents.

  10. Page 28 of ruling footnotes 39 and 40. Ruling applies state wide ,orders are null and void. District s are free to act accordingly

  11. Time for parents and students to grow a backbone and defy the “evil” one ! We also need to free the elderly who are still masked and locked up in extended facilities. They are being held captive in their own home. I know firsthand. My mom is in one Isn’t forced isolation against Geneva convention?

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