5 More things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin 1) Illinois State University demands the students are masked at all times! You can’t attend a basketball game without a mask. You can however attend the Chamber of Commerce gala without a mask – in the Bone Ballroom on the campus: From the Pantagraph: Random selfie with a huge crowd of no […]

Normal got a free property!

By:  Diane Benjamin I’m reading through 100’s of pages of emails, I will post others at some point.  This one made me stop.  City Manager Pam Reece does updates for the Council.  This excerpt is part of one sent April 25th: Note: John and Marilyn Freese plan to donate the property to the Town of […]

Normal has a fiduciary responsibility to TAXPAYERS!

By:  Diane Benjamin DON’T miss the Update to this story:  https://blnnews.com/2020/02/04/normal-foia-fail/ At last Monday’s Council meeting Pam Reece stated the bonds owed for construction of the parking garage that houses the ISU Art Gallery does not require a fiduciary duty to lease the space for a profit. Did anyone but me wonder about Normal’s fiduciary […]

Ah . . Public Comment

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal Town Council last night: First to speak was Craig Stimpert. (4:27) The topic was pensions funding and the constant raising of property taxes to fund them.  Craig called this Town practice unsustainable.  The Town uses property taxes because they refuse to make pension funding part of the budget.   He called out […]