Five things

By: Diane Benjamin

Two different Town of Normal vehicles taking up the limited on street parking in Uptown. Even they don’t want to park in the garages. h/t a reader who was looking for a parking space.

Maybe somebody in Normal finally realized bikers have some responsibility on the roads:

Are signs for pedestrians next?

This is who ISU is bringing in for their annual MLK cultural dinner, from her twitter feed:

Inviting far left wing speakers is typical for ISU’s MLK dinners.

If you are interested in running for a School Board, this is for you:

The Arizona study the CDC used to mask your kids was seriously flawed. If you like podcasts (I do!) Megyn Kelly did one with the authors of this article. There is no evidence masks do anything but hurt kids.








5 thoughts on “Five things

  1. Four to six year olds are now, when asked to draw a picture of themselves or others are drawing pictures of other people and themselves with masks on, that’s how sick it’s become. Even the CNN clown said the cloth masks are nothing more than face decorations and the paper ones are only marginally better and still do NOT prevent the spread of the little beasty they made in their putrid little bio weapons lab in China. You see the things scattered all over the place on the ground and in parking lots (often right near the dirty discarded diapers…) and they are dirtying up lakes and the oceans where people also toss them and birds are getting their feet tangled in them, so much for loving nature huh?. – On Joe Manchin – I have always sort of liked the guy, and hope he does switch parties, he’s held up well to their bullying efforts and that’s a plus to me as well. Also, ISU is now totally in the trash bin, totally, I hope they fail and I hope more kids and parents wise up and stop sending money to these socialist/Marxist breeding grounds where the ineffective and totally useless go to hide in their professorships and further soil the already softened up minds of 18-26 year olds.

  2. Here’s a video of how masks work. It’s a video of the slow motion of aerosol droplets traveling without a mask and with a mask. The fact is that children do get COV and if they have it, they will pass it on to more vulnerable older people who are immunocompromised who will die.


    And this: Hospitals across the country are full as facilities become overrun by COVID patients. That’s true in McLean County too, where hospitals are turning transfer patients away due to a lack of space.

    “We’re experiencing the same trends that we’re seeing reported across the state and the nation,” said Kim Blakey of OSF HealthCare St. Joseph Medical Center in Bloomington. “Our ICU beds are at capacity or near at all of our entities.”

    Blakey oversees Care Hub, OSF’s system for managing patient flow and bed availability thorough its facilities. Because of capacity limits, OSF is turning away transfer patients on a daily basis, Blakey said.:Hospitals across the country are full as facilities become overrun by COVID patients. That’s true in McLean County too, where hospitals are turning transfer patients away due to a lack of space.

      1. And if they were treated with proper treatments that work such as monoclonal antibodies/Regeneron, Ivermectin, etc. instead of the rigid “protocol” they are using on everyone as if everyone is exactly the same, and this “protocol” is actually killing people, but let’s not talk about THAT….Also, perhaps some should be asking WHY we have so many immunocompromised/weakened people these days. I know why.

  3. Jamele Hill was born in Detroit and worked at ESPN. Her late afternoon sports talk shows always featured a black co-host, usually a former black athlete. They always degenerated into a “hate the white man theme” almost daily. They became unwatchable. Her anti- white bile knows no bounds. She presumably resigned her position with liberal ESPN over “a lack of support issue” for her show. She has re- created herself as a political and race activists always popping up on TV, radio or podcasts. She never passes up an opportunity to hate the white man even though her professional opportunities were due to AA and using race intimidation to get them. The woman is beyond evil.

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