Kathleen Lorenz can’t be left out

By: Diane Benjamin

The speech below was right after Pam Reece declared there isn’t a problem with tap-on fees. She of course had to take on Stan, she called it “his thing” even though he’s wrong.

She obviously didn’t read the annexation agreement for the Kerrick Road property that called for $300 an acre, the Town did not collect that fee. Just because the annexation agreement was years ago shouldn’t mean the latest developer gets to ignore it. Excuses used for other properties not paying the fees are “they aren’t on the map”. Is Kathleen ever going to ask WHY some properties are on the map and some aren’t?

If the developer doesn’t pay, citizens do!

Kathleen’s “thing” for two meetings in a row has been affordable housing. Proving yet again she isn’t a Republican who knows government interference makes it worse, she wants the Council involved in solving the local housing shortage. Keep in mind, people are now being evicted from their apartments because they didn’t pay rent. Government told them they didn’t have to, even those who received large stimulus checks and enhanced unemployment. It was also government who shut down businesses that cost people jobs. It is also government still paying people not to work when help wanted signs are everywhere.

I can’t wait to hear how Kathleen is going to fix it.

This clip proves she has no intention of ever seeing what Stan sees in how tap-on fees are charged. She still thinks the “professional staff” is flawless.

7 thoughts on “Kathleen Lorenz can’t be left out

  1. Stan said Kathleen refused read the annexation agreement. She told him that if Pam says it is OK then it must be OK. Do we really need more politicians who can’t think for themselves? Normal already has enough of Pam’s puppets. Kathleen the RINO needs to be “Liz Chaney’d” by the local Republican Party. Remember Kathleen “Benedict Arnold’d” and was the swing vote that raised our property taxes.

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  2. Diane thank you very much for your work concerning Normal. It is a wonderful reminder of how fortunate I am to no longer own any property in that town. I feel sorry for business people that still do.

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  3. I saw Kathleen and Pam’s mother-in-law Sonja Reece lecturing yelling at Stan at a Republican dinner. Stan sat there quietly. It was so awkward, I got up and left the table. I am sure Koos put Kathleen next to Stan at the Council table to irritate him. Mayor Koos should have put McCarthy on Stan’s other side if he really wanted to test Stan’s patience.


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