New Laws January 1st

Over 300 new laws take effect on 1/1/2022. The article details just a few.

Minimum wage goes up to $12 an hour, but buying a car from an individual will cost you more in sales taxes.

A link inside the story has a list of all the bills, it was compiled by Illinois Senate Democrats.

This one is excellent:

Illinois came to their senses on this one, they must be running out of CPAs after changing the law to 150 hours some years ago. That is equivalent to a Master’s Degree. Illinois has a lot of accountants now that didn’t take the CPA exam which means you can’t tell how smart they are by whether they passed it or not.

File these under the “nanny state” and seriously?

I quit reading on page 9, there are 15 pages in all. It would have been nice if the Republican Party had issued a similar list for comparison, they have nothing on their website. Read the other pages yourself and comment if you find other interesting items.

It reads like lobby dollars at work! If Illinois was a red state, this many bills wouldn’t be passed every year. Blue states need to control you. Congrats to those of us that haven’t left yet.







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