Joke: Budget Task Force

By:  Diane Benjamin

Why is David Hales advising the Budget Task Force?  Didn’t he already have an opportunity to propose a budget that balanced, and he failed?

Last night David Sage reported on how to squeeze taxpayers, sorry, I mean some of the recommendations of the committee.

It’s more than obvious that Sage and Hales are working together to make sure something important isn’t cut – like Hales administration budget.

I thought the committee was going to take a fresh look – line by line at the budget.  Instead, the committee is rehashing everything already talked about and probably not feasible.  Sell the BCPA, sell all 3 golf courses.  I’m sure buyers are waiting in line for anything the City wants to sell.  Next up is raising garbage fees, raising property taxes, and raising sales taxes.  Nothing about the Coliseum.  Nothing about all the people who owe the City money.  It’s almost like those community people Renner appointed either have no ideas or they aren’t allowed to have ideas.  I wonder which it is.

Watch Sage beginning at 2:02:28.

It goes right over his head that raising any taxes during a downturn in the economy makes the downturn worse.  Of course he conform to the Renner ideology of economics where “government can fix it”.  How’s that working for the country?  Maybe Sage doesn’t realize that 2% or less growth is really bad.  Maybe he doesn’t realize that Bloomington’s problems are a product of the same policies destroying the State of Illinois.  Maybe Sage wants to be Mike Madigan.  He is well on his way.

11 thoughts on “Joke: Budget Task Force

  1. I completely agree with you Diane. But somehow these clowns keep getting elected. Evidently the taxpayers of Bloomington feel that they are not paying high enough taxes. Because they keep electing people who want to raise rates. I don’t get it, but there it is.


  2. Mudd-You’re giving them WAY too much credit there. Think about it. ANY simpleton who has EVER had a bank book can run a budget better then this so called “budget task force” and WHY is it a TASK FORCE? Do they have some kinda secret money wagon or coin chucking weapons? YEP! the citizens, you and I.


  3. The philosophy of fees for service??? Where is the fee for the bike lanes?? Oh no–take the role model police officer out of the at risk school. (Task Force members don’t have children in District 87 schools.) Reduce the subsidy for the BCPA Enterprise Fund by 50% but don’t subsides Storm Sewer or Solid Waste Enterprise Fund at all. Not one word about the Administrative Staff, the Coliseum or CIAM. Salaries & pensions from the General Fund pay for ALL employees but Sage only mentions Police & Fire. Raise taxes for Capital Improvements–code word for implementing their comprehensive plan. More money for feasibility studies–on and on…

    None of this matters because Hales will, as he has done in the past, move the $$ between funds as HE sees fit.


  4. Honestly what it is going to take is a purge of these council members less one Kevin Lower, mayor, and the Hales fiefdom at city hall to be replaced by more conservatives that aren’t afraid to make cuts. One being that White Elephant Dome aka Coliseum.


  5. BOTTOM LINE- The city NEEDS to cut spending on “frivolous” crap, like bike lanes, fancy street lights, TIF’s, administration (which is so fat, it’s obscene), employees, etc, and THEN see where they sit! Then and ONLY then will the people possibly sit still for ANY “fee/tax” increases, but I imagine to their surprise, IF they DO THEIR JOB well enough, there might just be a surplus, which, by the way, JUST because you have money, doesn’t mean you gotta play “drunken sailor”!


  6. David Hales cant even go to the bathroom without hiring someone else to tell him when to do so. And people are listening to HIS advice?


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