City now hiding flamingos?

Note:  The paper did an editorial proclaiming the brilliance of the project.  You will be expected to fund future expansion too.

By:  Diane Benjamin

The groundbreaking took place on schedule yesterday for the flamingo exhibit at the zoo.

Renner et all must be feeling heat from the people not wanting maimed birds on display just for the fun of it.

The bird cage-liner didn’t cover it.  The City didn’t include it in their daily propaganda email.

If you haven’t signed the petition yet:

So far 290 people have signed!

2 thoughts on “City now hiding flamingos?

  1. Oh don’t we all long for the day in which crooked politicians wings are cut and they are put in a cage? Hence our quality of life can begin.


  2. The local radio station that has been dropping in the ratings the other morning, I believe Monday, the early announcers were going off on the petition and said they were going to put the link up on their facebook website. I didn’t check to see if they ever did.

    I got the impression they were just blowing this off as nothing. They were desperate to find out who started the petition. Evidently the website wasn’t giving them that information. To me I guess does it really matter.

    Speaking of that local radio station did you see in the bird cage liner this morning that Hales and Renner were reacting to the IMRF story that was in the Tribune. So much for the local radio and bird cage liner for doing any investigative reporting. Personally Hales to me should be terminated. I mean really he started in 2009 and the law was passed in 2012 and Bell left in 2014. Where was he at on this? I know where, like I said before, likely sitting on the throne in the restroom.


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