Zoo good news leaves this out:

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday news reports stated the zoo increased the number of visitors from last year and revenues were up around $21,000.  Good for them! One reason given was the new flamingo exhibit.  Left out of all the good news stories is how much it cost to increase revenue and attendance. Just construction – […]

City now hiding flamingos?

Note:  The paper did an editorial proclaiming the brilliance of the project.  You will be expected to fund future expansion too. By:  Diane Benjamin The groundbreaking took place on schedule yesterday for the flamingo exhibit at the zoo. Renner et all must be feeling heat from the people not wanting maimed birds on display just […]

Flamingos: pink isn’t the color

By:  Diane Benjamin Monday Bloomington officials will break ground at Miller Park Zoo for the flamingo exhibit.  They may be stepping in lots of red ink instead of showcasing pink. It all comes down to wings.  Flamingos have them.  Flamingos were born to fly.  The ones in Miller Park won’t.  They will try, but most […]

The Tari podcast APPEARS!

By:  Diane Benjamin Surprise!  WJBC decided to post the Renner podcast.  Yes, he did call anybody who objected to spending money for flamingos “loud nasty voices”.  Listen here. http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/wjbc/media/mpeg/Tari_Renner__Bloomington_Mayor_8_12_15-1439477301.mp3 I bet you didn’t know the Zoo Master plan is a contract to fund their projects!  The Council is always told Master Plans don’t assure any […]

Which represents you?

By:  Diane Benjamin Last night 2 Aldermen made their governing philosophies clear. Remember what they said when your taxes are raised again. First, listen to Amelia Buragas.  This comment came after the spending for flamingos passed and spending for new filters at the water treatment plant. . Now listen to Alderman Lower on why he […]

Hey Cities 92.9!

by:  Diane Benjamin I had NOTHING to do with this – other than take the picture. Earlier today it didn’t have a flamingo, but one landed while I was at church! I blacked out where it is to keep the thieves from hijacking it prematurely.  Yes, it is on top of a street sign. It […]

The Flamingo Budget

by:  Diane Benjamin Instead of the Flamingo Budget, it could be called one of the following: “Take a Staff Member to Lunch” budget “Feed the Council Pizza” budget “Pay for Staff to See the County” budget “Renner No Cuts Possible, only more taxes” budget Renner never responded to the food and travel budget cuts Stearns […]