Which represents you?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last night 2 Aldermen made their governing philosophies clear.

Remember what they said when your taxes are raised again.

First, listen to Amelia Buragas.  This comment came after the spending for flamingos passed and spending for new filters at the water treatment plant.


Now listen to Alderman Lower on why he voted against the flamingos:

Do you get to decide what Quality of Life is?

Or, does government get to tell you what entertainment you are forced to pay for?

3 thoughts on “Which represents you?

  1. I lived 2 blocks from Miller Park for 37 years, only went to the zoo MAYBE half a dozen times. Haven’t been there since. I call THAT quality of life. I also call our streets reason to buy, own, and DRIVE a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I guess water treatment is 2nd rate to pink fowl? What next? Let’s build a 1/2 million $ shuffleboard court at Miller Park.


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