Flooding anybody?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I was driving west on Oakland during the light rain yesterday.  There was flooding, especially in front of storm drains.

This pic is NOT on Oakland – I wonder if it FLOODED?

Hint Tari:  It’s close to your precious downtown!  Needs before Wants, remember?  I doubt the flamingos are going to clean your streets.


2 thoughts on “Flooding anybody?

  1. QUALITY of life, YEP TARI, we thank you immensely for it! Someone ought to get a shot of the ones by the Moses Temple. There are actually a lot of similar views around town. Guess it’s what MILLENIALS want.


  2. I have to clear the one on front of my house every other week. The millinials who live on my street don’t know you have to “recycle” your own grass clippings…city doesn’t pick that up.


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