Stanford: Please explain this

By:  Diane Benjamin

Police service used to be contracted with the Village of Danvers.  In 2012, it was $5400 per month – $64,800 per year.  In 2012 the Village of Stanford decided they couldn’t afford that anymore, so they terminated the agreement.  Note:  One of the McGrath lawyers was present, I wonder if he billed the Village for his presence at meetings?



Why does your current budget call for Police Department spending of $143,500?  I’m only a CPA, but I’m pretty sure that’s a lot more than you were paying with Danvers!  What made you think that staffing your own force, buying vehicles, supplies, insurance, etc would be cheaper?

In 2013 the population of Stanford was 599.  Unless the Village is full of criminals, why do you need to pay almost $240 per citizen for police?

stanbud2Detailed Budget:


5 thoughts on “Stanford: Please explain this

  1. Why would ANY sane, competent person WANT to have to deal with the likes of Tari and Painter on a REGULAR basis unless they were mental midgets? Looks like Stanford is getting a GOOD reaming here. Wonder WHAT the ticket quota is for all that expense?


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