What happened to Ben Yount?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last Friday Ben was broadcasting from Fox and Hounds in downtown Bloomington.  He interviewed one of the co-owners, Vickie Tilton.

The conversation should have stuck to the salon and the services offered, but it veered into politics.

Lister to Hour Two, starting at 11:05:  http://cities929.com/portal.asp?pid=3557181&sid=3309

Vickie said she was raised in Uptown (Normal) in an apartment above her mom’s restaurant.  She is “puffed up with pride” about what Normal has accomplished.  She claims they had a vision and made it work.

There was no mention by either Vickie or Ben about the debt thrown on the back of citizens of Normal.

Vickie claims the Bloomington City council has been dysfunctional in the past, not so much now.  Could she have been referring to Judy Stearns on the Council?  Vickie?  Vickie?

Tilton went on the explain that Bloomington can have success with their downtown, like Normal, if they had a vision.

Again, no mention of money.

Ben laughed along with Vickie when she called the past Council dysfunctional.  What were you laughing at Ben?  Obviously Vickie is all for more tax-dollar spending downtown.  You used to be a free-market guy Ben, so what was so funny?

I don’t listen very often in the afternoons anymore.  I just caught part of the conversation because I was outside and flipped on the radio.

If Ben can’t read text messages he has very little so say.  I don’t want to hear about how much beer he drinks or what he is cooking for supper.  I prefer to be informed by media, there are a lot of other better places to get information.

Maybe Ben was pandering to an advertiser.  Gee Ben, we already have that kind of media: Pantagraph and WJBC.

I’ve heard that Vickie thinks she is a Republican.  With Republicans like this . . . . . . .



7 thoughts on “What happened to Ben Yount?

  1. I usually turn the radio off at 3pm. Nothing personal against Ben, I just find him very difficult to listen to. Bring back Hannity!

  2. Here is a perfect exampl of a biased, uninformed business owner who has no clue of the dynamics going on around her own business or the City of Bloomington, yet who proposes a vision and direction the city should pursue based on her own self-serving and economic interests. This brand of logic and this vision and direction is shared throughout the downtown, by other business owners and City leaders without regard to the undisclosed and suppressed discussion of the negative impact on the community as a whole.
    The Liberal Pressed

  3. I think the owners of 92.9 are starting to reign all their people in. I predict soon you will see Mayor Renner and Mayor Koos back on their programs being introduced as a friend of the show.

  4. I think if he referred to blnnews.com regularly and had you on the show, it would definitely create more interest.

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