Tonight: Throwing more money away

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight the Bloomington City Council will approve paying the McLean County Regional Planning Commission $54,212 for the plan they created:


The plan was out of date before it was issued because it pretends Bloomington is growing.  Before Mitsubishi announced it’s closing, Bloomington was showing negative growth.  Now 1,200 jobs are being lost, not counting all the ancillary positions that will be lost through dependence on Mitsubishi trade.

They did the work, so pay them.  See the plan here:

Put the plan on a shelf.  Nothing in it reflects reality.

Shelve all the other Master Plans too.  Spending by government has never resulted in prosperity.  Government spending has resulted in a failing Coliseum, a failed TIF district, a heavily subsidized BCPA, an unused fire station, and a water tower that can’t be used – just to name a few.

I’m sure Renner/Hales think they are smarter than every other person holding their positions in the past.  They aren’t.



8 thoughts on “Tonight: Throwing more money away

  1. Now I see where a developer wants to renovate the Mid-City Hotel into apartments.

    I’ve lived here all of my life and I’d never heard of the place. I had to do a google image search hoping to find a picture of this esteemed hotel. I found one picture.

    Now I wonder what those apartments will rent for. Just exactly who do they suppose will rent those apartments in this down sizing economy? You have to wonder if the location was so appealing then why haven’t other local developers jumped on it. I wonder who is behind Mid-City Properties LLC.

    Do we have another fleecing of the taxpayers going again?

    Do you suppose if you wanted to renovate your home and you asked the city for an abatement for 5 years do you suppose you would get it. Nah, not a snowball’s chance in h…….

      1. Appears to be some realtor.

        “Gaye Wike-Beck, Jennifer Evans and Belinda Trunell earned the Graduate Realtor Institute designation by completing coursework in real estate practice and ethics. Stephen Stevens and Gene Yeast completed the graduate course of the GRI. Graduates must continue to meet requirements of the state association.”

        From the firewood fire starting paper.

    1. forgot to add: ” For FY 2016, the McLean County Regional Planning Commission set the City’s contribution at $54,212.00.”

  2. Y’all better be careful . . . if you don’t know who Gaye Beck is and asking about who Gaye Beck is. Last time I saw her, and I’m sure it’s true today . . . she is capable and not afraid to open a 50 lb. can of whoop-ass, metaphorically speaking, of course. She’s actually pretty cool, but you don’t want to get on her wrong side. Kinda like any white woman who owns a business, has seen it all, and who’s put up w/enough shit to last a lifetime.

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