The Tari podcast APPEARS!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Surprise!  WJBC decided to post the Renner podcast.  Yes, he did call anybody who objected to spending money for flamingos “loud nasty voices”.  Listen here.

I bet you didn’t know the Zoo Master plan is a contract to fund their projects!  The Council is always told Master Plans don’t assure any spending, the City just likes plans.

Renner believes opposition to the flamingos is “cheap political theater”.  He had to do a quick spin when the interviewer mentioned Alderman Sage voted against the flamingos along with Lower.

Renner claimed he had NEVER seen two former “conservative” mayors come and speak in support of the zoo.  Rich Buchanon didn’t seem to know why he was there – he said he didn’t know he was speaking about the zoo until he got there!  Maybe you invited him Tari?

Renner again claimed all the $150,000 would be returned within 2 years because the zoo is going to have more visitors.  According to the chart in this post – – Projected Revenue at the Zoo this year is $723,850.  We are told that flamingos are going to increase traffic by 5%.  $723,850 x 5% = $36,193.  If revenues increase 5%, that means $72,386 in two years Tari!  NOT the $150,000 taxpayers are supposedly going to recoup in two years.  Exactly what should a person who misleads taxpayers be called?

Again Tari claims he wishes he could provide a free lunch.  Insert your own joke here ________________________________.



4 thoughts on “The Tari podcast APPEARS!

  1. During the above mentioned podcast, Renner says, “Who would trust the city if they break this contract?” Very well said mayor as you continually break the contract of representing the citizens’ best interests, that’s why the citizens don’t trust you! You get what you deserve.

  2. The Mayor’s arguments are cheesy–Swiss cheesy. The Council meetings are theatrical productions directed by Hales/Renner. I wish someone would pay for my lunch at Medici.

  3. Forget lunch @ Medici. I just WISH Good old Walt Bittner was still mayor! He was on my paper route for 4 years-great customer and very nice! Then when I got into Boy Scouts and worked on my “Citizenship in the Community” merit badge, here’s Walt’s name as ONE of the LEADERS who could assist/sign off on it for you. He invited me to city hall, went over the Constitution, Amendments, various rules of the city , etc and even gave me a token “key to the city” I STILL have that. Wonder WHEN the LAST time a Boy Scout got any help from the city staff? ANYBODY?? It ALL starts with CITIZENSHIP, in the city, country and world. Maybe Tari could become a Scout Leader? NAW!

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