Uptown Transparency

By: Diane Benjamin

I’ve wondered since Uptown Normal was completed what buildings the Town owns and rents.  I filed a Freedom of Information Request to find out.  Wendy Briggs provided the following information with a note that she forgot to put Subway on the list, otherwise, here’s what I received:


First, thanks Normal for answering FOIA requests.  Other area governments could learn from you about NOT hiding information.

I still have questions, but the citizens of Normal should be asking them.




3 thoughts on “Uptown Transparency

  1. Whoa, Nellie! Wasn’t the Town talking better rent per square foot with the completion of uppity town? Once again, their projections, their PLANNING is bull biscuits!


    1. Brady/Davis and an Economic Development entity, Angel Investor Network, Inc are the primary tenants–more favoritism and subsidies.


  2. Well, they were smart enough to get rid of Dukowitz! so Tari and tyrants hired her and doubled her pay-SUCH a deal. She’s still worthless. As for UPTOWN, thanks for shuttering your farmers market due to lack of interest?? WHEN did people quit eating home grown food? How come the Pantagraph didn’t do a story on that?


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