WJBC: Does Renner embarrass you too? UPDATE

Update:  Comments to WJBC’s Renner story are CLOSED.  I wonder why?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Maybe whoever posts podcasts for WJBC is on vacation.  Maybe the other staff doesn’t know how to do it.  Maybe nobody listens to the podcasts, so they quit posting them.

Tari Renner was interviewed way back this morning by Scott Laughlin.  No podcast.

Luckily, I have a large network of people who send me things!

I was told Renner did his usual attacks on people who don’t agree with him.  This time the topic was flamingos.

Your disgraced mayor called people who didn’t agree with spending money Monday night:  “Loud and nasty voices opposed to this”

Gee, that sounds just like what he called the people who don’t agree with the City spending and taxing itself into bankruptcy.  https://blnnews.com/2015/07/01/niot-hiding-again/

Not In Our Town?  Still Exist?  Mayor attacks citizens again and NIOT doesn’t care!

Funny how the NEWS story on WJBC’s website left out Renner’s actual words.

Evidently they are embarrassed by Renner.  Evidently they also want to protect him.  It also shows how they manipulate news.

Thanks for setting the record straight JBC!

The interview was around 8:15.  It’s now almost 4:00pm.  EIGHT hours isn’t enough time?

9 thoughts on “WJBC: Does Renner embarrass you too? UPDATE

  1. Mr. Renner invited the former mayors to Monday’s meeting to speak. (Carefully watch and listen to the video.) One of the former mayors says he didn’t know he was INVITED to speak about flamingos… Of all the speakers, only the former mayors and the Zoo Society representative spoke in favor of the exhibit. No speaker was against the Zoo, just the wisdom of spending for this exhibit at this time and the implied “requirement” because there is a “Plan.” The Council refuses to consider the long-term fiscal impact these decisions make. I don’t trust Renner/Hales to run a vacuum cleaner.


  2. I just called the station and left a message asking about the podcast. I would bet money that Renner told them to not post it after he realized how foolish his statement was.


  3. WHY would anyone want to listen Renner, especially on the old dead horse WJBC??? I’d MUCH rather re-arrange my sock drawer! At LEAST it would be time well spent!


  4. Not to defend WJBC, but I’ve noticed they don’t open comments on any of their stories. I would imaging it’s because their website is designed off of a blog format. Personally, I think news organizations should not have comment sections on stories, at all. Forums, sure, but not comments on stories. I quit reading the Pantagraph a long time ago because of their comment section. It’s absurd.


  5. Diane, are you aware that the Flamingos will need to be maimed too keep them from flying. As far as my reqaders tell it is illegal according to zoological procedures. PETA can be used for blow back.


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