Choose Life!

Update:  WJBC reported 100 people.  Common Core math.

By:  Diane Benjamin

At least 260 people staged a protest against Planned Parenthood today in Bloomington Il along Veterans Parkway at Clearwater.

Over 50 million people have been murdered at Planned Parenthood clinics since the Supreme Court ruled the baby doesn’t have any rights.

Now undercover videos show Planned Parenthood gleefully trafficking in baby parts and even whole dead babies.  The participants are calling for an end to taxpayer funding – more than $500,000,000 a year.

It’s not about healthcare – especially for the baby.


Quick video of the whole crowd:

More Pics:

045 046 047  049

6 thoughts on “Choose Life!

  1. Awesome, absolutely AWESOME!!! I wish I could have been there, but I had to take my Sweetie to O’Hare and I just got back to Bloomington around 2:30…. What a powerful, wonderful, and beautiful statement this makes to the powers-that-be!!! Everyone there is my hero!


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