Spending, spending, spending

By:  Diane Benjamin

From Monday night’s Bills and Payroll for City of Bloomington:  http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=9024

This is the Springfield Law firm hired to replace the City Attorney that used to be paid less than $200,000 with benefits.  They are paid about this much EVERY month.   Budget Committee?

SORLING NORTHRUP HANNA   Legal Contr Lega 3,650.00
SORLING NORTHRUP HANNA  Legal Contr Lega 26,000.00
SORLING NORTHRUP HANNA Legal Contr Lega 10,249.36
SORLING NORTHRUP HANNA Legal Contr Lega 10,000.00
SORLING NORTHRUP HANNA Legal Contr Lega 7,900.00
CHECK TOTAL 57,799.36


Beer Fest:  (some should be reimbursed)

Invoice Net 10,000.00
Invoice Net 20,097.30
Invoice Net 9,173.10

Meanwhile, this is what a corner in Downtown Bloomington looks like.  Priorities in the right place?

Maybe the Communication Director can start cleaning since we have no idea what she does now.



10 thoughts on “Spending, spending, spending

  1. Holy crap!! How did the amount for the Beer Fest expand to $40,000.00. The unopened beer will be credited but what is the $10,000.00 for??


  2. On the local ham radio station they had a story about the IMRF penalty they other day. The person over the IMRF said that Bloomington will likely be sued if they change their policy. One has to wonder if these Springfield lawyers are even engaged in the drafting of that policy or will just be there just to hold their hand out when the city gets sued.

    I suspect they think if they pay the big $$$ they will get the best legal advice verses hiring an on site lawyer.

    Does Bloomington even do street cleaning with a machine anymore like they used too? It appears that isn’t the case. Maybe they just hit the high spots around the museum and the Rt 66 visitor’s center. With all of the millions of visitors they had better be. Visitor numbers seem to vary so I rounded it up to millions but there could be more, maybe a billion depending on who you listen too.


      1. Spraying weeds is probably not in the union contract. Asking to do that is a change in working conditions and that would require opening the contract for negotiations. Besides Hales hasn’t consulted a consultant about spraying weeds. That needs to be done first.


  3. Check out the north lane (west bound) of the 100 block of W. Mulberry. Freshly blacktopped to satisfy the upcoming bike race organizers who demanded better turning traction. Maybe we should schedule bike races for the entire city!


      1. For sure, let them pay for using the roads just like every other vehicle. Further they should all have proper lighting with turn signals and possibly a pulsating light to help bigger vehicles see them. Insurance too! After all, bike lanes are for safety right?


      2. And license plates so we can report they can be held accountable. All bicycle fees mandatory go to fixing roads. Get caught in a bike lane with no plates, minimum $200 fine which goes to roads as well.


      3. I like this. Add Rules of the Road testing and requirement to wear helmets, neon yellow vests to match the bike signs as well as flags on poles.


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