IMRF: What did Hales know and when?

By:  Diane Benjamin

At last Monday night’s Council meeting a discussion took place about pension spiking.  The Chicago Tribune reported on Emily Bell’s pension spiking and the resulting fine of $358,394.12 the Bloomington taxpayers were forced to pay.  Her fine was the highest in the State.  Obviously the discussion never would have taken place if the Chicago Tribune hadn’t reported it.  A spokesman for IMRF said taxpayers should be OUTRAGED – and you should!

Emily Bell was not a union employee.  If she worked for State Farm or ISU her benefits could have been changed without notice.  HALES choose not to prevent the “accelerated payment” (fine) assessed by IMRF against the City.

Bell wasn’t the only one, in fact just this year 6 more City employees spiked their salaries which resulted in additional “accelerated payment” fines.  Yet, Monday night Hales claimed he didn’t know or was worried about being sued if the “banked” sick pay policy was changed. Alderman Buragas played cover for his ineptness.

I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with IMRF 2 days ago – I got it today.  I didn’t file with Bloomington because weeks from now I’d probably still be waiting.  I also filed for “accelerated payments” assessed against the Town of Normal, Unit 5, and District 87 since 2011.

Nothing appeared for District 87.  Below is the complete report.  If David Hales didn’t know he should be immediately fired.  The same applies if he did know.  Throwing your money away is a way of life for David.  2 fines are from 2012, 7 from 2014, and 7 from 2015.  The last two haven’t been paid yet.  I wonder if these payments were on Bills and Payroll or buried somewhere else?

$1.2 million thrown away!  Outraged?

(if reading on a phone, image may not appear)


7 thoughts on “IMRF: What did Hales know and when?

  1. Amazing how the HR Director gets the biggest pay out. Do you really think she put in her vacation and sick leave time honestly? She reports to the City Manager . Amd the former Deputy City Manager? Come on


    1. My guess no she didn’t. No one there was likely auditing and no checks in place to see that people recorded their time correctly. One has to believe that given the way city hall is being ran.


  2. One word, UNBELIEVABLE!

    Haha Hales wasn’t expecting the Tribune story. How in the world do you overlook a payment in the amount of over $28K in 2012 and not notice that? Hello Hales did you need a magnifying glass to see that?

    Why if this went on in the private sector businesses would be bankrupt.

    Yes I noticed Buragas shined Hales shoes during the meeting. How could anyone not miss that. I wonder if she chauffeured him to and from the meeting too so they could practice the act. I certainly hope the 10 people who voted for her see her for what she is and the other 90 who didn’t vote learned their lesson. What does she know about the real working world. Not all of us can hijack their clients or employer and make them pay whatever a Rolls Royce costs like a lawyer can. She probably didn’t think the amount paid for Bell was outrageous if the truth was known.


  3. What’s this year’s budget shortfall in Bloomington? Between these fines, all the past due money owed to the city, and 1 unnecessary coliseum scoreboard – there would be no deficit. I guess raising taxes and fees is way more fun.


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