Never enough of your money

By:  Diane Benjamin

McLean County Board Chairman Matt Sorenson appeared on WGLT yesterday.  Either Bloomington passes 1/4 Sales Tax increase for mental health or the County will raise property taxes.

Instead of jumping at raising taxes, how about cutting administrators Matt?

Below is a list of every Taxing Body on the State Comptrollers website for McLean County.  Every one has administrators, trustees etc paid with tax dollars.  Every one levies taxes against people in their district.  Many are never audited and/or citizens don’t even know they exist.  Local media are obviously not reviewing anything they do.  I’ve just brushed the surface on waste and taxpayer abuse in Stanford/Allin Township.  What do you think is happening in all the rest?

From the Comptrollers Website:

Instead of taxing more, government needs to clean up its own house.

As County Board Chairman Matt Sorenson could lead the reforms needed.

Will he?  Not a chance, unless citizens have had enough and start demanding it!

Click on any of the links to see what budget each has – especially on administration.


2 thoughts on “Never enough of your money

  1. Who does he think he is by threatening Bloomington? Seems like a bully to me. Isn’t this the guy who is pushing for the East Side bypass? “my way or the highway”–pun intended.


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