Tuesday: 4 Wards Town Hall

By:  Diane Benjamin

Alderman Lower had a Town Hall meeting last week.  104 citizens showed up to listen and voice their opinions.  It got rowdy when citizens loudly objected to flamingos when they have sewage in their basements!  funny how the bird-cage liner didn’t report it.

Tuesday night 4 Alderman that need to hear outrage will most likely try to keep you quiet.  Alderman Lower knows how citizens feel, Tuesday 4 Aldermen and any City staff they drag along need to hear from you.

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Location: Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts
600 N. East St.
Bloomington, Illinois 61701

Aldermen Sage, Buragas, Schmidt, and Black are the hosts.  Since they want to raise Sales Tax AND Real Estate Taxes, why would you not go?



One thought on “Tuesday: 4 Wards Town Hall

  1. What a joke this 4 ward meeting is. Divide 90 minutes by 4 wards, average each ward gets 22.5 minutes. It’s obvious to see which 4 alderman don’t have much time for their constituents. Lowers meeting was 2hours or soft his ward. Hell the citizens get 30+ minutes at city council meetings.


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