IWU: Teaching kids to be offended

By:  Diane Benjamin

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Remember the IWU teacher (professor?) who wrote a book about the racist TEA Party?  It’s not worth my time looking up her name or title, but the premise of the book was the TEA Party is racist, they just don’t realize it.  Evidently embracing King’s dream is old school and certainly not politically correct.

I’ve heard tuition at IWU is now around $50,000 a year.  How diverse is the student population at that price?  Maybe IWU has a class in “the student loan debt” really doesn’t matter.  Or maybe only rich kids are now attending.

Anyway, according to the bird-cage liner some kids staged a mini-protest.  They silently held signs saying “Stand against ignorance,” “I won’t stand for silence” and “I should feel accepted in the classroom.”  Evidently the “N” word appeared on a sidewalk, no proof of where it came from.  It could have been written by someone trying to start something or by someone not attending IWU.  Facts are immaterial when a cause because available.

I really like the “I should feel accepted in the classroom”.  When a friend attended IWU a few years ago, there were about 8 conservatives on the entire campus.  Feeling accepted wasn’t part of the curriculum.

When IWU calls itself a Liberal Arts College, they aren’t kidding.

Tari is back to teaching at IWU, evidently the school contributors who quit donating over the Renner rant and censure weren’t enough for IWU to dump him.  Maybe his contract doesn’t contain a morals clause.  Tari’s two favorite recruits for attacking former Alderwoman Judy Stearns have graduated though.  It will be fun to see who he finds this year to attack Alderman Kevin Lower, common sense can’t be allowed to stand on the City Council.

So, one staff member at IWU wrote a book detailing what she thinks the TEA Party thinks.  Students are protesting for their version of political correctness.  Renner is back indoctrinating students to believe government can solve every problem.

The protesting students claim they feel “microaggressions” in the classroom.  They are learning how to be offended by everything.  $50,000 a year buys lots of perceived wrong.  Just wait until they get a job.  I wonder when the “microaggressions” lawsuits in the workplace start?

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9 thoughts on “IWU: Teaching kids to be offended

  1. Just curious if you have read the book by Megan Burke? From what I gather, her views are quite academic. She even said in an interview that the racism she saw in the Tea Party was not that different from liberally diverse communities. Megan spent two years talking to Tea Party members and even agreed with them on some points. But here you are, yet again dismissing someone without really reading or understanding what their views are. Everyone should be respected and for all you know, some of these protestors are conservatives and are feeling uncomfortable too. Megan isn’t writing what she thinks, she is reporting what her research found. Can only Conservatives be offended? From my experience, Conservatives are just as whiny as us Liberals (by the way, I am against abortion, go figure)


  2. Political correctness should be discouraged on college campuses–these are learning institutions after all. The non-violent interactions that follow–even heated ones–are how barriers of intolerance and ignorance are done away with. Asking teachers to “solve the problem” IS the problem. These students should have learned in grade school that not everyone gets an award just because of participation. How many young people roll their eyes when annoyed? Is that the kind of behavior considered to be micro-aggresive?


  3. Chalk on sidewalks . . . very grade school. Expressing one’s “dreams” w/chalk on sidewalk . . . toddler-ish. Give these young adults some pot and a beer already. Mellow out and tolerate intolerance.


  4. Forgot to mention that I bet it was a “chubby” piece of chalk, too. Better for them to grip their precious, soft, little hands around.


  5. This is nothing. At ISU (Illinois Soviet University), they make kids take surveys to see if they’ve experienced white privilege (Psychology 215), they have openly Marxist teachers condemn American culture (Anthropology 185), and make you watch a left wing propaganda documentary by BBC called “Scientific Racism”, which indictes the white man for being historically oppressive and racist (Education Administration and Foundation 231).

    I know because I was there.


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