Do Police Lives matter Tari?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Another Police Officer was murdered this morning – this time in Fox Lake Illinois.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) unanimously adopted a resolution in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement on Friday afternoon during a summer meeting in Minneapolis.

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter was marching and chanting “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon”.

It’s way past time for Bloomington’s Democrat Mayor to make it clear which side he is on.  Do you stand with our local police or Black Lives Matter?

It’s way too late to stand with both.

I stand with the local police.

ALL lives matter!




8 thoughts on “Do Police Lives matter Tari?

  1. Won’t happen in our town when IWU offers a diversity session for incoming WHITE students during orientation. Yikes–to think in this global society incoming college students of any background have never experienced diversity!! The police are a diverse organization and are responsible for defusing these hate filled demonstrations.


  2. Wow! The anger is strong in this one. Don’t you think many groups shout offensive slogans(cough Tea Party)? Does that make the vast majority of them culpable even if they denounce violence? Look up Jared and Amanda Miller? Is the Tea Party responsible for that? No! How about the survivalist who killed the Penn State trooper? You are contributing to the same nonsense that is perpetuated against the Tea Party. There are racists on both sides. There are people who hate police on both sides. Way to exploit the murder of a policeman to draw some weak implication that liberals promote cop killing. I’m sure you like the media doing that to the TEA party? Me thinks not!


    1. Did you miss the Democratic Party supporting them? Did you miss Tari is a Democrat? Did you miss they are calling for killing cops? Did you know the guy that killed the 2 NY City officers sitting in their car tweeted that same line the night before? Did you hear the conference call with 2 Black Lives Matter leaders calling for the killing of cops?

      Gee, I don’t remember the TEA Party calling for anybody to be killed. They did chant “Kill the bill” talking about ObamaCare. Does that equate?


  3. The latest police officer shooting in TX make me wonder how long will it be before it will be open hunting season for police officers as the ones being the target. We are on the fringe of a society where a few think if you are wronged or part of a group wronged then it’s time to fight back and even the score. Forget laws, ethics, respect for others, just do what ever you think to get even.


  4. Bottom line- the BIBLE ( a later written “testimonial”) says THOU SHALT NOT KILL! I believe this is pretty simple, people, ducks, deer, ALL of natures critters, cept maybe flies and skeeters. It’s common sense folks. USE what GOD gave ya, and don’t put on some “name tag” and call yourself GOP, Democrat, Tea Party, Black, White, etc. That’s where a LOT of politicians get into trouble. OUR country was founded on FREE thinking, WHAT happened to that? I think we left it on the moon! That was about the LAST act of free thought & progress other then maybe hot pepper flavored vodka-GEEZ! where are we headed? And no, I’m NOT a bible toting christian!!


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