4 Ward meeting: the report

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s funny how the bird-cage liner can count the crowd accurately when it’s liberals holding the meeting.  Yes, there were around 100 citizens at the BCPA last night for a Town Hall meeting held by Aldermen Sage, Buragas, Schmidt, and Black.  What their report omitted was at least 10% were of them […]

Tuesday: 4 Wards Town Hall

By:  Diane Benjamin Alderman Lower had a Town Hall meeting last week.  104 citizens showed up to listen and voice their opinions.  It got rowdy when citizens loudly objected to flamingos when they have sewage in their basements!  funny how the bird-cage liner didn’t report it. Tuesday night 4 Alderman that need to hear outrage […]

Millennials and Amenities

By:  Diane Benjamin I keep hearing, especially from Bloomington’s mayor and an alderman, that we need amenities in order to get millennials to stay here or move here. Articles on-line talk about what millennials want in BIG cities.  They want apartments with fitness centers, pools, and Wi-Fi.  They want health food, resale shops, nice restaurants/bars, and public […]

Sage, Schmidt, and Black to hold Townhall

By:  Diane Benjamin These three Aldermen are going to hold a budget discussion on January 27th.  http://www.cityblm.org/index.aspx?page=17&recordid=3139 (Maybe they read BlnNews, even though publicly they deny it) Remember last year?  Did you attend one of these discussion and make your voice heard?  Did you say “RAISE MY TAXES”?  If that’s what you said, you got […]

Bloomington is getting Obama’d

by:  Diane Benjamin I hear Rob Fazzini already has people going door-to-door getting petitions signed to steal the City Council.  He wants a modified Ward system where some members are elected at large, the remaining Wards would be huge.  The effect is to take away your alderman, the one person who represents your section of […]