Fazzini has activated his power grab

by:  Diane Benjamin

Petitions were filed today to put a referendum on the March PRIMARY ballot to concentrate the power in Bloomington in the hands a of a few elitist.  Fazzini wants the unions and the wealthy to be able to buy seats so any dissent is abolished and average citizens won’t be able to afford to run for City Council.  Fazzini wants to run “At Large” because in his mind he is way to important to deal with trivial things.

Watch what organizations support this effort.  It will be fun seeing who exposes themselves as anti-government “closest to the people”.  Bloomington has been co-opted before.  Each time they return to the Ward system currently practiced.  The voters won’t fall for the power grab again.  Funny how Fazzini, Fruin, Black, and Renner picked the PRIMARY election.  Planning on low turnout Rob?

Let the war begin.  Took you long enough to file.





3 thoughts on “Fazzini has activated his power grab

  1. If it is true as it is claimed, how can he go forward and be legal if he is and alderman, instead of a private citizen who started this plan ? Lets make sure each ballot is a registered voter .

  2. People, you’re wasting your time protesting the petition itself. Let’s not go down that road. Look at Jennifer McDade. It only emboldened her campaign. We’re going to have to focus on the issues here and convince the citizens that this is a bad idea. That shouldn’t be hard to do. Let’s get that campaign started right away. Time is not on our side. March will be here before you know it.

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