What happened to Christmas in Bloomington?

A citizen in Bloomington asked Alderwoman Judy Stearns a question.  Here is her response:

Dear Celeste,

You asked your Daddy if the City would have a Christmas Tree and he asked me.

What a great question, Celeste, and I thank you for asking! You are not the first little girl –or adult—to ask, and I want you to know that at Christmas, you are so right to believe a Christmas tree is important. Important enough even for a City to care. Hope, wonder, new life, and new beginnings are all there if only we can see it!

When I was a little girl like you, Celeste, I lived right here in Bloomington and I asked my Daddy the same question, and then, (so many years ago), we went Downtown to see the most beautiful tree of all, the City’s Christmas Tree. It stood tall and proud for the whole City to come together to enjoy, first out in a lovely park, and then another tree just inside the front window of City Hall.

Your question makes me think that you hope the City will have a Christmas tree, and sometimes it takes a fresh view like yours to remind us all of what is really important at Christmas—the beauty, the wonder, and most of all, the memories of special events with our loved ones. And the pride in our City, I think you may feel too! I know you danced in the Nutcracker, and that is all about hope and the magic that can happen when we believe as little children.

So for now, Celeste, No, the City doesn’t have that one tree at City Hall, a real City tree, like Chicago does, but because of your question (and my memories), one day we may have one again.  Always keep your dreams alive, Celeste, and keep asking. I will too! Merry Christmas.

Alderwoman Judy Stearns





5 thoughts on “What happened to Christmas in Bloomington?

  1. Dear Judy Stearns, Hell hasnt froze over & Renner & CO dont want to offend anyone except the Christian tax payer !

  2. Offend who ? Who settled in Bloomington and made it a city of blood, sweat and hard labor, Hungarian’s ,Swed”s, German’s, Italians, English, the Hispantics or Jews were not a factor, ask anyone who lives on the West Side that worked in railroad shops, that created Bloomington what it is today, drop this offend ”bull ” and light the tree in Wither’s Park !!

    1. AMEN! We the people of Bloomington own this property called City Hall I say put a tree up & tell Renner that its the taxpayers tree on taxpayers property if they dont like it they dont have to be there they can “Man up” with the progs in Normal

  3. Who is the idiot responsible for putting all red lights in front of city hall? It looks like a red light district. Maybe it is appropriate. Maybe it is an advertisement.

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