Hales passes the buck

By:  Diane Benjamin

Probably knowing he was getting the blame, David Hales called into WJBC this morning to discuss the sick leave payouts.  He claimed that except for Police and Fire. all new employees don’t get that benefit anymore.

He blamed past Councils for not taking action.

I guess he still hasn’t figured out the Council does nothing unless they are told to.  Council members don’t put items on the agenda.  Most get their lunch dates with either Renner or Hales where talking points and how to vote instructions are given.

You and Renner run the City David.  So how many more decades of paying for unused sick time is the City going to have to ensure?  When will all the qualifying employees finally be gone?

Oh forgot, police and fire never will.

Listen here:  http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/wjbc/media/mpeg/David_Hales__Bloomington_City_Manager-1439988278.mp3


9 thoughts on “Hales passes the buck

  1. It would be REAL interesting to see Mr Hales files from his “stint” in Oregon and see exactly WHY he “left” Was their a rail under his rear? This isn’t management or even diplomacy. It’s NOT even good buck passing-it’s called NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY! Anyone have a BETTER term for it?

    1. Chances are no one on the city council from then will speak openly for fear of being sued. If you knew someone there that was well connected you can probably get the story. If you found out I wouldn’t put it out in the public because you might get sued.

  2. I guess my question to Hales would be when the IMRF fine for $385K came in why wasn’t immediate action taken then. I can believe he blames past councils. It’s an easy out and who’s to dispute him. I wonder if Judy Sterns has a reply to his finger pointing but do you think WJBC would give her the same air time to dispute that if she knew otherwise. I sort of doubt that.

    Well guess what they got outed by a newspaper doing exactly what it should be doing, investigative reporting. Quite embarrassing to say the least. Damage control mode now.

    1. Where’s the proof of your allegations about prior councils being at fault, Mr. Hales? Let’s see the agendas and minutes from those meetings where these issues were discussed and voted on!!

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