Owing Bloomington money UPDATE #2

More owing added at the end.

By:  Diane Benjamin

The following information was received under the Freedom of Information act.  Evidently the various departments keep track of their own receivables.  That means they are responsible for collecting their own debts.

This note from the City was included with the FOIA response:

The information requested in FOIA #15-08-0856, where available, spans multiple departments and responsive data differs from item to item. We have gathered responsive data to the best of our ability. The following list contains what each department with responsive data was able to provide to fulfill the FOIA request.

In other words, the City has no idea how much it is owed.

Licenses:  $15,859  07-31-15 BUSINESS LICENSE AGING
Parking:  $5,426   COB FOIA #0856- Parking  (Not much past due)

General Billing:  $347,492 ($207,722 Chateau)  07-31-15 GENERAL BILLING AGING  (Finance Department)

Unknown:  I have a .xlsx file I can only open to the letter C (it’s in alphabetically order)  The only heading to the list is Past Due.  It doesn’t say how far past due the amounts are or from what department.  It could be the Water Department.

I have 65,536 lines that total $1,455,938.07 including this:  I’m told the total past due is $3,910,222.32.  Not included on any of these lists is the more than half a million Snyder owes in development fees.

190,182.30 Barnett Brian
22,703.82 Barnett Brian
35,321.19  Barnett Brian
733,317.14  Barnett Brian

$981,524.45  (1/7 of the deficit for next year!)

I have no idea who Brian Barnett is, but one of you probably does.  This file is the worst accounting I’ve seen.  Many of the listings show -0- balances.  Many others show multiple entries for the same person, but the entries net to -0-.  Payments weren’t applied to outstanding balances, so amounts are still shown as outstanding when they really aren’t.  There is no excuse for not clearing zero balances from a receivables list.

What else is in the file?  I’d really like to know.  If you think you can open this file, email me:  [email protected]  It’s 4988 KB.

All the other files were sent in .pdf format.  Think it was an accident this one wasn’t?

Two more lists received by FOIA.  I don’t know if the Chateau was included twice in error ( see below and General Billing above).

Local Taxes due from BusinessesA General Bills due from BusinessesA

6 thoughts on “Owing Bloomington money UPDATE #2

  1. All the other files were sent in .pdf format. Think it was an accident this one wasn’t?
    It is hard to say if this were and accident or purposeful, but based upon the evidence of ineptness in accounting it might be reasonable to assume just another evidence of ineptness..

  2. Brian Barnett I would venture to say construction related possibly. Quite a list of person’s related to construction come back when I do a google search on the 3 words Brian Barnett construction. It would be no surprise given the cities collection rate history for getting what is owed to the city from developers.

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