Thanks for the laughs Pantagraph!

By:  Diane Benjamin

In the continuing quest by the Pantagraph to prove yet again they are not real media:

Today they CHEERED Bloomington and Normal for working to stopp pension spiking!

WOW!  Why didn’t they include how great it is that Normal WASTED $29,939.10 and Bloomington THREW away $1,215,177.70 before being exposed by the Chicago Tribune!  Next time Pantagraph, please include the $2,654.61 Bloomington paid in interest for 3 people too.  Total Renner and Hales didn’t care about throwing away:


Cheers all around Pantagraph!  Bring on the tax increases!

Don’t forget Unit 5 threw away $33,846.76 – no cheers for them too?

Just to recap:  All Bloomington, Normal and Unit 5 had to do to avoid throwing your money away is change their payout policy.  Employees get their accumulated pay the day they leave, not more than 3 months before.  The additional money WOULD NOT be applied to their pension, thus no additional taxpayer money required.

See these stories for more info:


Yes, I have a lot of readers, but more are badly needed when the local source of news violates the trust of their readers.  The only way I get more readers is by YOU sharing posts.  Bloomington is the laughing stock of the State for pension spiking.  Nothing changes if the citizens don’t know.




One thought on “Thanks for the laughs Pantagraph!

  1. Pantagraph, what a joke of a newspaper!

    I was looking at their website yesterday evening and I saw this photo gallery link to a party given by Julie and Bob Dobski. You know the local McDonald’s restaurant land owners. I just had to laugh to myself, what retirement home were these pictures taken at.

    Like I’ve said before. The only use I know of for the Pantagraph is to use it to start firewood on fire with. It burns quite well. Sunday’s edition where the ad inserts are more than the newspaper you can roll up for an additional log.


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