The Election Isn’t Cancelled!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Illinois has not cancelled the primary election for Tuesday!  Evidently rumors are on social media saying it is.  Show up!

Still undecided on Dan Brady?  This should help:

Dan Brady vote You can’t get rid of McLean County Auditor Michelle Anderson unless you pull a Republican ballot.  She needs to go!

9 thoughts on “The Election Isn’t Cancelled!

  1. Funny how this cannot be postponed but everything else can be. It’s about politicians and their precious jobs and potential careers so I guess it doesn’t matter if someone gets infected so soldier on. Friggin hypocrites and phonies all. And all the while Pudgy Pritzker continues to rack an already fragile Illinois economy with more shutdowns that will cost more people their jobs. Payback may be coming sooner for these people than they think. Don’t buy in to the planned panic.

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  2. This has to be stopped. Pritzker needs to be impeached (never happen). However a step in the right direction will be to get rid of all the RINOs and democrats as possible. There should NOT be elections on Tuesday if the fat boy is shutting everything else down. Meanwhile boycott Hyatt properties.

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  3. Too bad BIGBOY can’t show as much dedication to solving Illinois financial problems in this manner. Shut down the waste and corruption in his government. Cut the budget, stop catering to illegals and supporting clown car households that operate that way for profit. Want to create a sanctuary situation…..let’s do it here and create a sanctuary situation and look the other way when restaurants ignore BIGBOY. Also I am quite sure his and Madigan’s failure to take care of this state when it comes to infrastructure has resulted in far more deaths than this virus will..

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  4. Bar and restaurant owners plus any for profit business forced to shut down by any government should organize a mass protest in the Halls of the Capitol building in Springfield. Take over the building until Chicago boy shows his cowardly face. Pritzker should be sued along with the whole Pritzker family fortune if this results in business closures and/or people losing their jobs.

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  5. Everyone loses unless you are a government employee or politician then you win. Extra time off and no loss of income or worry.

    This is what happens when those making decisions have nothing to lose.

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  6. If Porky were true to his words in wanting to limit travel and the gathering of people he should lead by example. Tomorrow hje should be announcing he is voluntarily closing all his Hyatt properties in the state of Illinois. This would discourage unnecessary travel. it would also eliminate the gathering of people from multiple locations under one roof.

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    1. Like all “you know what’s” he is greedy to a fault and their is never enough money in their bank accounts. Sue the Pritzker Family Trust.


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