Is ISU importing disease?

By:  Diane Benjamin

This story raises lots of questions:

We know ISU has students from foreign countries.  Since Illinois kids can go to college out of state for less than in Illinois, ISU actively recruits foreign students.

declare finnaces

74 countries

74 countries?

This is from the 2019 enrollment recap:  Fall 2019 Enrollment Report

non citizen

Some of those non-citizens could be illegal immigrants, Illinois doesn’t care.

Still, ISU had 558 non-citizens students on campus.  These are people who probably wouldn’t be in Normal if not attending ISU.

Go back to the first story.  Chinese students returned to campus after Christmas wearing masks.  Corona virus testing didn’t exist in January, so there is no way to verify what went on to make other students sick.

We know diseases eradicated here decades ago are resurfacing because around the world they still exist.  We know Wuhan Corona virus originated in China.

The question is:

What is ISU doing to protect us from foreign diseases?

In the case above, zero.

See the cost of attending ISU:



12 thoughts on “Is ISU importing disease?

  1. We apparently have a bus system that is REALLY designed to attract ISU students. It is just another piece in the ISU Uptown Marketing program. So the health and safety of Normal taxpayers is not part of the equation.

    ISU and all of the other colleges and universities in the country will be sending their lobbyists and shills everywhere to make sure their foreign student “cash cows” continue to dump off their full tuition into the pockets of the worthless higher education administrative class.

    From this point forward, the end of higher education as we have known it has begun.

    Once again – here it is in a nutshell from Tucker Carlson:

    Tucker: What will higher education look like after coronavirus?

    Deans of Diversity studies may want to tune up their resumes?

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    1. Private schools will be the first to fold. State schools will hang on for quite a while because they are funded with tax dollars. IL should have already been considering changes or shutdowns to Eastern, Western and Southern state schools. Just my opinion.

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  2. The U of I is even worse. Close to 6,000 Chinese nationals are enrolled at the school. All told, the CU campus has approximately 10,000 foreign students which is close to one quarter of their total enrollment. Chinese majors are mostly in IT and engineering giving the Chinese population access to top flight computer and technical informational that they take home and likely use against this country. People in higher education are among the most greedy and ignorant among us.

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  3. “We know diseases eradicated here decades ago are resurfacing because around the world they still exist.”

    That sentence doesn’t make any sense. Certain diseases like cholera and typhoid are water borne diseases. They are present in poor countries with no water purification systems. Other diseases like tuberculosis are also present in poor countries with little sanitation. COV-19 is a zoonotic disease in the same class as SARS and MERS. These diseases knows no country boundaries or race as they spread. COV-19 is in the same class of virus which cause the common cold. As for Chinese student spreading the virus, you have no actual evidence that happened. If what you say is true, then both Bloomington and Normal would be the center of hot spot of COV-19. That’s simply not true.


      1. Feb 26,2020 pantagraph : mumps at ISU. Let us not forget the polio like disease that have affected numerous children all over the US. Even the plague makes an appearance in US every year.

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  4. First hand knowledge;
    U of I makes more money on foreign tuition.
    Yes number are accurate – there are a lot of foreign students.
    They are NOT vaccinated prior to arrival. They are vaccinated after on campus.
    -Thus negating the efforts of the general population (ie citizens) required to be vaccinated “prior”
    to mixing with the general population of the university.

    Of course those illegal aliens entering our country are not vaccinated.
    Measles, mumps yes – but also TB! USDA had to shut down 3 counties worth of dairy
    herds due to an illegal worker who tested positive for TB (tuberculosis for those liberals out there)

    Xenophobic jerk here, I forgot we must embrace the illegals even if that means my child gets sick,
    and we have a return of “consumtion”. (look it up)

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  5. U of I was my daughter’s first choice when she started looking at colleges. She had a solid B+ gpa. She participated in different sports and was president of the student council. She also scored well on the ACT. But, U of I being what is, greedy, put her on a waiting list until May or June so they could see how many foreign students could be swayed to go there. You would think that with her qualifications, and us being long standing tax payers, she would have been a no brainer choice. She did attend college there, but I have never given them another dime other than my taxes. And I let them know that every time they contact me asking for funds.

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  6. No doubt they are bringing in diseases. Then there is the other disease they have been providing for years that knows no home. Liberal indoctrinization in the classroom.. Don’t forget putting out students with worthless real world degrees gained thru high debt (but obviously quite a few didn’t learn that one should expect to pay that debt.)


    1. ***LEFTIST*** indoctrination. Liberal indoctrination is promoting free speech even if you disagree with it, personal responsibility, the right to self defense, limited government, an entrepreneurial spirit, and so on.
      Leftists call themselves ‘liberals’ just as they call illegal aliens ‘immigrants’; fear-, racism-, and oppression-based rules ‘common sense’ gun laws; thinking they disagree with ‘hate speech’; biology ‘sexism’; a caste system of rights ‘inclusion’; debunked global warming ‘climate change’; logic ‘oppression’; and various other purposeful misuses of the language.
      PragerU has a couple really good videos on the difference between the two.


  7. Remember how ISU was the first big place in town to shut down? Yeah, I bet there is much we do NOT know. Lucky for them HIPPA exists. Rumor has it they are still allowing sit down meals at Watterson.

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    1. Watterson food service is open, but is supposed to be take-out only, like other restaurants. Can’t say for sure, as I haven’t been, but that has been announced internally multiple times.


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