Connect Transit Temporarily Reducing Service Beginning March 23rd

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Evidently nobody has to approve this:

From the Connect Transit website:,2,3,7,8,6,11,12,13,14,5,15,16,4,17,18,19

Starting Monday, March 23, 2020, Connect Transit will reduce weekday bus frequency to weekend levels. Connect will reduce service to be more in line with current ridership and it will provide flexibility in staffing and increased levels of bus and facility cleaning.

“This is an unprecedented situation. We are attempting to do our best to provide service for those who need public transportation, the reduction in service will allow us to match service with demand. I encourage customers to only use Connect for necessary travel,” said Connect Transit General Manager, Isaac Thorne.

What does a reduced service schedule mean?

• Weekday routes will start and end as usual, approximately 6am-10pm
• The BLUE, PURPLE, AQUA, ORANGE & SILVER routes will NOT run peak service
• The GREEN route will only run 30-minute service
• The LIME EXPRESS will NOT run
• The RED EXPRESS will continue to run to serve OSF Fort Jesse
• Saturday and Sunday service will remain the same

These buses will NOT run:

  • Blue – :40’s from College Hills
  • Blue – :00’s from Downtown Bloomington
  • Purple – :00’s from Downtown Bloomington
  • Purple – :20’s from College Hills
  • Aqua – :00’s from Downtown Bloomington
  • Aqua – :10’s from Greyhound & Southgate
  • Orange – :20’s from Downtown Bloomington
  • Orange – :40’s from Hamilton & Merna
  • Silver – :15’s from Walmart
  • Silver – :45’s from Downtown Bloomington
  • Green – :00’s & :30’s from Uptown Station
  • Green – :15’s and :45’s from Downtown Bloomington
  • Lime Express – All times

Connect continues to monitor information about COVID-19 from CDC and Illinois Public Health Department. We are encouraging people to stay home if you are sick and not travel with Connect Transit unless it is necessary. When possible, we ask that passengers get on and off the bus at the rear entrance, and to sit at least two rows back from the driver. This is an effort to encourage social distancing and keep passengers and the drivers safe.

10 thoughts on “Connect Transit Temporarily Reducing Service Beginning March 23rd

  1. No people riding the bus now just like before this Chinese Communist Corona virus outbreak. So we go from 3 people on the bus to 1 person on the bus?


  2. Shut it all down! Private citizens will figure out a better and more cost-effective solution to serve those truly in need of critical transportation. Wonder if Issac and the other admins will take a pay cut in the interest of their ridership. Haha! You can all stop laughing now.

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      1. ok, give you that, but wouldn’t size-appropriate vehicles make more sense? a small fleet of minivans could get the job done at huge savings.

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  3. There have never been more than 10 people on a Connect Transit bus, so it doesn’t violate the 10 Person Covid Gathering limit and there sure could be more than 6 feet between the 2-3 passengers that I have ever seen on a bus, so the social distance rule could also easily be followed.


  4. Maybe they’ll only loose $750 K a month now. TOO many Chiefs running around in CT cars, and too much “gravy” in the pension fund for employees. SHUTTER this WHITE ELEPHANT!! UBER WOULD be MUCH cheaper! And more convenient!
    Maybe now the roads will last a year longer too!


  5. I wonder if connect is still ordering the million dollar electric buses?

    People would be so much better served by Uber/Lyft. But with the McCurdy, Hile, Thorne trio at the helm we can expect a continued government failure and lower income neighborhoods without service. These 3 only care about the rich, ISU and building a system for the sake of building.

    No surprise they are slow. With ISU students not here they have lost 90% of their riders.

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