Dan Brady’s Fatal Flaw

By:  Diane Benjamin

Dan has plenty of money to run ads, the theme seems to be:

People not Politics

What that tells me is he is not interested in fixing the problems in Illinois.  He wants to shake hands and show up everywhere and help people with problems who call his office.  His secretary could do that!

The Illinois Republican Party is not conservative.  If they stand for anything it is difficult to tell.  Leadership is Dan Brady’s.

Normal elected Stan Nord because he said he would fight for taxpayers.  He has kept that promise.  Now we need fighters at the state level, obviously Dan Brady isn’t willing to fight.  He says himself he doesn’t do politics.  Well, Mike Madigan and the Democrats do.  Getting elected to represent people means you are in politics, like it or not.

Currently there are some fighters in Springfield:  Allen Skillicorn, Brad Halbrook, Dan Caulkins, Darren Bailey, Chris Miller, Blaine Wilhour, and John Cabello.  All conservatives.

If you replace Dan Brady with David Blumenshine that will be another one.

Ask yourself if Illinois is better with Dan Brady in GOP leadership?

Ask yourself if Illinois is better since Dan Brady was

first elected close to 2 decades ago?

Ask yourself if you believe in Term Limits? 

Voting for Brady means NO.

















12 thoughts on “Dan Brady’s Fatal Flaw

  1. Dan Brady is for politics over people. Case in point: 1.) He voted with Madigan to increase 20 taxes. Brady did not have to vote yes, as Madigan already had the votes to pass the bill. WHY DID BRADY VOTE TO INCREASE 20 TAXES WHEN HE DIDN’T HAVE TO? 2.) As a practicing Catholic Brady should have a 100% pro life voting record. BUT HE DOES NOT! WHY NOT? Because he is for politics over people–even the most vulnerable, helpless, unborn people. That speaks volumes.

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    1. At the debate with David Blumenshine, David asked Dan why he voted ‘yes’ and
      Dan’s explanation was something along the lines of – I voted to increase taxes because they hadn’t been raised in awhile…
      That response helped make up my mind on who I would be voting for in this election.

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  2. Anyone who has been in Springfield 20 years is all about politics. Over a decade ago I listened to local media gushing over Dan Brady showing up at events all over the place. I always thought to myself Big Whoop. We are supposed to vote for someone just because they show up and smile all over town. Reminds me of a Mayor Bloomberg quote. “Make the people think they are getting laid when they are actually getting screwed.”

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  3. That is exactly why I contacted David Blumenshine and asked for his sign to put in my front yard. He personally responded and said that he would personally deliver the sign. It’s well past due for all Brady’s to get voted out of office.

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  4. Dan is not all bad. He got $50M+ for ISU which came from us struggling taxpayers. He voted to raise his pay so he could spend more money from us working class in Bloomington. He voted to raise our gas tax so the state can piss away more money. We pay for his $1 / year lease in Uppity town. I know his campaign office in the back, which taxpayers subsidize. How is that not corrupt. He has never helped me when I needed a hand though he has made me shake his hand at every event he sees me.

    I want someone to fix problems, not go around acting like public celebrity.

    Almost forgot… Dan is not all bad if you are a wealthy college, corporation or connected elite. He is just bad for taxpayers.

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  5. Dan brags about bringing home the bacon for Bloomington / Normal, most notably ISU. Look what ISU did with their latest handout. Pissed it away by giving Larry Dietz a $50,000 raise. Thanks Dan!

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  6. Dan’s biggest flaw is his ego. After a 20 year career, he should have stepped aside as a winner who is retiring. The public has become furious about term limits, high taxes, rising debt, the exodus and pensions that are crippling the state. Dan should have realized the people are tired of the same old BS. Win or lose, Dan will end up a scape-goat for all our problems.

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  7. Does Blumenshire support Marijuana Legalization and all the lovely jobs it has brought to our economy? If Blumenshire likes jobs (especially weed jobs), he’s got my support.


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