Notes from court yesterday

By:  Diane Benjamin

I sat through a number of cases before the court got to Justin Barr.  If you are ever bored and want to see real live theater, attend a session of criminal court.

God has been removed.  Remember when people raised their right hand and promised to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – so help me God?  They don’t anymore.  They just swear or affirm they are telling the truth now.

When an arrest is made nobody can ask about immigration status.  It is a crime to be here illegally, but you can’t ask.  Instead the judge is forced to read a statement that pertains to being illegal to EVERY person who pleads guilty.  It contains the possibility of being departed, naturalization denied, etc.

Being a citizen means nothing, they still get read the statement.  Being born and raised as an American is becoming more and more meaningless.   Been through TSA lately?  Got your special Illinois driver’s license yet so you can fly after October?  Citizens have to prove they are citizens, others aren’t asked.   Innocent until proven guilty is immaterial if you are a citizen.  Reading that statement to every person pleading guilty wastes court time and could easily be avoided.

One case involved a guy being held in the Steak and Shake armed robbery:

He was being held on $500,000/10% bail.  He wanted it reduced to $100,000 meaning he could be released for $10,000.  The judge reduced it to $250,000, I think the other defendants in the case already had their bail reduced to the same.  This guy was the third one referenced in the article, the Assistant State’s Attorney referred to him as the ringleader.

If Pritzker gets his way there won’t be any bail.  All three will be back on the street until trial.








3 thoughts on “Notes from court yesterday

  1. Did you do any research as to why “So help me God” is optional? Some people like Quakers have a problem making religious oaths. If you want to swear “So help me God”, knock yourself out.
    I don’t get your problem with Real ID. Are you saying that only “those’ people should have to show whether they’re a citizen but you shouldn’t have to because the DMV should automatically know who you are? That’s twisted logic to say the least. The legislation that required the Real ID was part of the Patriot Act. In 2005 the Republican party controlled both houses of Congress and the White House. Also if you don’t travel by air or have a passport you don’t need the enhanced driver’s license.


    1. For 200 years or more it was fine. I didn’t see a Quaker in site yesterday! Obviously you don’t believe in freedom, the TSA hasn’t done anything more than harass American born citizens. Haven’t you thought it strange they throw confiscated items in a bin right next to them?

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