Four B’s and an R (Gas Tax)

By:  Diane Benjamin

Dan Brady, Bill Brady, Jason Barickman, Tom Bennett, and Chapin Rose

I bet the gas prices are killing your budget.  Lawmakers never understand you have to cut your budget in other places to pay their tax increases.  You have less money to spend, therefore tax revenue, like sales tax, will decrease.  You can’t eat out as often, there goes the local food and beverage tax.

I bet you thought the roads would get fixed!

Joke is on you yet again.

Remember when the Lottery was going to fund education?  Oops, fooled again:


The above is from the lottery website!

So what is your gas tax money going to be used for?

Here’s a sample:

fleece gas

But there is more:

more gas fleece

The Illinois Republicans proved once again they are worthless.  Pensions are destroying the State.  Nothing happened to fix them, it doesn’t even look like they tried to cut a deal before raising the gas tax.  The GOP used to be the party of low taxes and growing the economy to produce more revenue.  In Illinois that doesn’t apply, especially with the representatives of this area:  GOP who voted YES

gas state reps

senat gas tax

What did they get other than a little money for their district?

Democrats didn’t need their votes to pass the gas increase.  The GOP complied.

What did you get for their vote?


(I wonder if Tari is still trying to get a water park with these funds?)

The Brady bunch is GOP leadership.  Speaks volumes about the IL GOP.


17 thoughts on “Four B’s and an R (Gas Tax)

  1. Illinois is doomed. Illegals voting (and anchor babies, dropped like flies and voting in the future) make it impossible for any non Leftist to get elected statewide, other than as a fluke or when running against a known criminal. And as the suburbs go Marxist (against ever bit of self interest and common sense), the areas where a Republican can win (even a RINO) will continue to shrink. Illinois is also a view of the Country’s future–just a few years ahead of the curve. The Nation is probably doomed, also. Think about it!

    Though I truly believe that President Trump as saved us for at least a few more years.

  2. We need to get the Brady’s OUT of office. I personally haven’t voted for them for awhile knowing what they truly are. Sad they don’t care just fill their pockets is all they want.

  3. Like ole J.B hisself, there’s a LOT of PORK here. Wonder how much of this money IS going to the PORK PRODUCERS?? WTH is PICKLEBALL??

  4. Were any of these people with Porky Pritzer when he got a speeding ticket in a boat on a lake in Wisconsin ? If we can cut 25% of the graft and corruption in our governments we can make ends meet.
    Things are that bad.

  5. Even worse is listening to our local Republicans(?) pat themselves on the back for working with the Dems to help make this happen. The “R” by their name means nothing.

  6. Here’s some interesting reading about the lottery:
    It’s nothing more than a political shell game, always was. Shocking, I know. The corruption in Illinois goes back decades, it’s going to take a lot of work to dig out of it. I think a good start would be completely wiping out the legislature, executive, and judiciary, and starting over with all new people…and some term limits. Clean the house.

  7. It’s because of things like this that I’m a Libertarian. When the Democrat leadership is primarily Socialists and the Republican leadership is primarily RINOs, it makes sense to look at other options…

  8. So I received an invitation for a meet and greet with the Newest Rino on the Block, Adam Kinzinger. I’d rather have a root canal than meet with these people. They have helped, and are continuing to help, sell Bloomington Normal down the river, along with the rest of Illinois. They haven’t done anything for us, but they sure have done a lot for the leftist progressive communists that run Illinois.

  9. Kinzinger will have his own special problems to deal with soon enough for associating with the wrong person in the US Senate.

  10. The actual military record of the grizzled warrior/hero Adam Kinzinger should be looked at closely.
    A expert on military affairs, maybe not.

  11. Kinzinger reminds me of Paul Ryan, so much potential when they went into office, but quickly compromised on any conservative values they had and instead preferred the DC elites.

    Ryan is gone and Kinzinger needs to follow.

  12. Sadly for sometime I have walked behind the voting booth knowing full well that nothing will change in state government no matter who I hit the touchpad for. The whole point of the process that by voting for anyone but a Democrat will hopefully minimize the damage I know cannot be stopped by Chicago. I am under no false pretenses that anything will change. I know who most of these people are and realize that me and my family are a distant second at best to anything they will or won’t do in Springfield or for that matter DC. Government has so much corrupted itself for so long that it is no longer fixable. Illinois is like a stage four cancer patient that has been sent home to die with no hope of recovery. My wife, who is non-political, is beginning to realize this herself and is thankfully considering living elsewhere once she retires in five to six years. It is sad that this is the only choice many have but this state just can’t resist graft because the people running it have no morals or a non-corruptable soul. Numerous events and incidents have brought this on but there is no correcting the course. It is a done deal. All that is left is for the parasite to finish eating its host.

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