Back form the north!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Hubby and I took a trip to Wisconsin this weekend.  If you head up 39 and cut through Belvidere to avoid the Rockford traffic, good news.  Wisconsin has resurfaced their stretch of Highway 76 to Clinton.

Some observations:

In Illinois, instead of fixing the roads they put up signs.  We saw a few saying “Bump”.  More said “Rough Road Ahead”.  Maybe what’s left of the gas tax after paying off government “friends” can fix some of them.  If you missed that story, see it here:

39 southbound narrows to 1 lane in 3 places.  Around Dekalb the back-up of vehicles when we headed both directions was MILES long.  We wasted at least 1/2 hour coming home because people evidently can’t keep moving and merging.  Heading north wasn’t a problem.

Part of 39 heading north from Normal has been resurfaced.  It ends around ElPaso, it’s a start!

We went to the airshow in Oshkosh – we sat at a table for lunch with a guy from Champaign.  Sunday we went to church and met an ISU graduate who is coming here next weekend for a reunion.  It is a small world.

Something astounded me as we pulled into the church parking lot.  Young people were standing at both entrances with large pro-life posters and handing out literature.  We of course thought they were with the church.  They weren’t.  They were with a group from

The front of the literature says:

Don’t let the church sleep through another holocaust

The second page asks:

Are the churches guilty again?

I would post a copy of the inside but it contains graphic images of an aborted baby in Texas.  It is obviously a close to full term baby, not a clump of cells.  The brochure also maps how many churches are very close to the clinic that murdered that baby.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil, God will not hold us guiltless.”  Dietrich Bonnhoeffer

If you call yourself a Christian please visit their site.  My church body ( just passed a resolution in convention to reinforce our pro-life stance.  Maybe that isn’t enough.

If your church doesn’t declare abortion murder, you are in the wrong church.

We are witnessing a holocaust way worse than the Nazi’s.  These were young people standing up for biblical teachings, where are the rest of the Christians?


5 thoughts on “Back form the north!

  1. The EAA Air Show is a pleasant event, clean and well organized. Hope you had a good time. You certainly deserved a break. When travelling, I prefer to use the old two lane highways. There are more places to eat, to gas up, and some interesting sites. One has to drive 75 to 80 mph on the Interstates just to avoid impeding the flow of traffic. Because of my knowledge of the public’s overall driving skills, not to mention aggressive drivers, I find the Interstates more than I care to deal with. Yes, the old two lane highways can add an hour or two to your trip, but it is not unnerving and well worth the extra time.
    Keep up your good work, you are an asset to our communities. Thank you.

  2. Christians are being complacent. They are not speaking out or defending their beliefs. That’s why the outspoken, hate-filled liberals are winning.

    1. @RUBY1971 – You’re mostly correct – many on the right, and even the center, have been shouted down or even beaten down. But it is not liberals doing so, it is leftists. Leftists purposely conflate terms to try to undercut opposition to their positions – illegal aliens are ‘immigrants’, man-made global warming is ‘climate change’, and the like. One that is often overlooked is dictatorial leftists are ‘liberals’. Liberal means loosely ‘pro-individual-freedom’, which is the exact opposite of what many on the left want. Ironically enough, the current Republican party is more liberal than the current Democrat party.
      I’m very liberal, and expect we would more agree than disagree on most political and social issues.

  3. I went to Brookfield, WI this week. A lot of building and growth continues in the area. Not like the B/N area not growing and even Hooter’s closed their doors here.
    I was lucky to make it thru that southbound bottleneck without any delay in the early evening. Going north it was really backed up for quite a distance.

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