Illinois Taxes go up July 1st

By: Diane Benjamin If you still haven’t signed up for the Breakthrough Ideas newsletter, do it here: The latest newsletter has a staggering amount of information – like the grocery tax goes back into effect July 1st. Gas taxes also go up July 1st: If you buy gas in Bloomington or Normal – add […]

Will Normal’s Council listen?

By: Diane Benjamin The information below was sent to the Normal Town Council a few days ago by a resident of Normal. It concerns the Town’s plans for the additional $.04 gas tax. “Before you spend $’s on bike paths, bike/road new construction or consider Connect Transit funding increases, watch this video.” “Bus corner extension […]

Normal Comedy show Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin See Part 1 here: Everybody wants to pull things from the Omnibus Agenda now. Remember the 10 minute meetings? They are long gone. Scott Preston pulled approving the fire protection agreement with ISU just to gloat about how well the Town and ISU work together. Stan dared to ask if the […]

Four B’s and an R (Gas Tax)

By:  Diane Benjamin Dan Brady, Bill Brady, Jason Barickman, Tom Bennett, and Chapin Rose I bet the gas prices are killing your budget.  Lawmakers never understand you have to cut your budget in other places to pay their tax increases.  You have less money to spend, therefore tax revenue, like sales tax, will decrease.  You […]

Nobody represents you!

By:  Diane Benjamin If the residents of Bloomington still haven’t figured out the Council doesn’t represent you, watch last night’s meeting.  The schmoozing was over the top with accolades for each other for everything but breathing. There were a few slaps in the face to citizens.  The first one was made by City Manager Tim […]

Springfield got the Tiger grant

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal will have to keep tossing money to their Tiger Grant  Application Service.  Just since May 2018, they have spent $348,389.08  trying to get free money: The only BUILD (Tiger) grant in Illinois went to Springfield for high-speed rail – see PDF page 27: The announcement was made yesterday. Where […]