Normal Council: The best comedy show in Town

By: Diane Benjamin

At the last meeting (September 8th) Kevin McCarthy pulled approving the bills from the Omnibus Agenda just so he could state “it is just a report”, everything spent was already approved in the budget. Last night Kathleen Lorenz pulled the same item so she could give the same speech. Who’s turn will it be at the next meeting? This is obviously aimed at Stan Nord who simply asks questions about spending YOUR money! If everything was already approved why does Normal have it on the agenda? Not publishing the list will likely be the next step, informed citizens are dangerous!

What does this really mean?

The Normal Town Council meets for ONE DAY a YEAR to go over the budget. It’s an all day meeting that ends with a budget. That means:

Spending is only discussed for ONE DAY out of 365.

Council members can’t talk about where YOUR money gets spent, except on ONE DAY. If conditions change (like now) spending can not be talked about – it’s in the budget!

Don’t forget the $550,000 City Manager “other” budget line, but don’t ask questions.

See Kathleen Lorenz at 8:30. She wants to “remind” her colleagues not to re-litigate spending.

Why is this happening? The Deep State is now running scared, more proof coming up next!

6 thoughts on “Normal Council: The best comedy show in Town

  1. I’m really curious why Kathleen Lorenz and Kevin McCarthy are under the impression that Stan Nord has to behave in a manner dictated by them? Is there some unwritten “code” for being a council member that details how they conduct their politicking? And if there is, why does it fall under their responsibility to assure Stan adheres to said “code?” Now there is an unhealthy obsession.

    All I see is posturing to keep the power, money, and crony deals flowing. They’re not really corrupt, just keeping the status quo in Illinois. (That part is sarcasm, for those who couldn’t tell.)

  2. Coincidence? No. Corrupt? Yes. It’s planned. These people are not that stupid that they cannot follow a (corrupt) plan. When people continue to give the crooks the benefit of the doubt they take advantage and continue with their crooked ways until someone with more authority shuts them down.

  3. Kathleen Lorenz is a Republican Committee person. Scott Preston is the Vice Chair for Normal

    These 2 have no problem watching the status quo of corruption and fleecing of Normal residents continue.

    I always believed Republicans were supposed to fight against corruption and waste, and that they were for transparency. Guess I was wrong.

  4. Well then, HOW ABOUT, WE THE PEOPLE , just pay these circus idiots for just ONE day a year, and base that pay on GOOD decisions. I’m SURE that STAN would return his check, and the other knuckleheads would STILL owe us money AND an explanation! JOLLY GOOD SHOW!!!
    What say STANKY??

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