WGLT campaigning for Normal’s elites

By: Diane Benjamin

It was September 2nd when the Normal Town Council brought their hammer down on ISU large groups. Soon after the student athletes marched through campus demanding the athletic director’s resignation for daring to say: Redbird Lives Matter. The ISU Social Justice warriors think only Black Lives Matter can be uttered, true Marxists.

Stan Nord dared to go on Facebook after that meeting to suggest people claim they are protesting instead of gathering to avoid penalties. Stan thought people could call get togethers “Koos Party Penalty Protest”.

Mayor Koos said during the 9/2 meeting protesting is protected speech under the 1st Amendment.

At the September 8th meeting, Koos called out Nord for daring to have an opinion since he was the only NO vote. Koos didn’t see the humor!

19 days later (today) WGLT printed their “investigation”. https://www.wglt.org/post/town-health-officials-reject-nords-covid-protest-exemption#stream/0

Unable to also see any humor, WGLT actually spent time asking Normal and the McLean County Health Department questions. Read the story, the new minister of propaganda has a quote. Meanwhile the COVID positivity rate is down and “cases” don’t mean much of anything since most aren’t very sick.

What this story really is an attempt to separate Stan Nord from his supporters. Media will fail because citizens are sick of their fake politicians. Voters are sick of politicians working in their own interests instead of the citizens. People are sick of politicians who ignore laws they don’t like.

Hey WGLT, how about an investigation into Public Comment law? Koos and company have been violating that law forever! Do actual laws matter to you, or only being in bed with the Town of Normal?

11 thoughts on “WGLT campaigning for Normal’s elites

  1. No one is buying what WGLT is serving up. At this point, Koos, Reece, and Co. only appeal to cronies feeding from the taxpayer trough. The far left broke off and the washy-washy middle ground broke ranks as of the last election. If anything, their support has eroded even further since then given the recent actions of Koos. From what I hear there are a lot of people pretending to support Koos or, more accurately, hiding their support for Marc (likely due to fears of retaliation).

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  2. I think that it was worth the time to figure out if there were inconsistencies in the application of the mandate on gatherings. I think Stan made a fair point and if anything WGLT was investigating the validity of what he saw to be happening. I dunno Diane, I think it might be you who is biased and looking for the spin on everything…


  3. Who listens to NPR other than brain dead liberals and their minions anyway? NPR is so far to the left they are still talking about Obama and Hillary being the real president!


  4. AGREED DJ! wglt HAS outlived it’s usefulness. and like the above, I USED to listen to News, Blues and all that Jazz, but anymore, they are basically radio communist, socialist world radio..
    Defund them, shut them down, tear down the antenna and burn the studio, as the LEFTISTS would say about a Trump station!

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