Will Normal’s Council listen?

By: Diane Benjamin

The information below was sent to the Normal Town Council a few days ago by a resident of Normal. It concerns the Town’s plans for the additional $.04 gas tax.

“Before you spend $’s on bike paths, bike/road new construction or consider Connect Transit funding increases, watch this video.”

“Bus corner extension near Portillos”:

This corner has been fixed before after Connect Transit buses destroyed it. They have destroyed it again. Evidently not only wasn’t the road designed for the huge empty buses, nobody at Connect Transit cares or the route would have been changed by now.

Existing roads need fixed, existing sidewalks need fixed. The same citizen sent a Ft. Jesse video in August. The sidewalk has drainage problems leading to mud accumulating across it. Property owners have built fences right up against the sidewalk and brush is growing through the fence and across the sidewalk. Early in the video large holes can be seen in the street. At 6:37 a sidewalk in disrepair is visible, bikes would have a difficult time navigating it. The point of the video is Normal always has huge plans for “new”, maintenance to existing infrastructure is the last option considered.

Quote from the email sent to Council:

“Consider your actions regarding the extra $’s the 4 cent gas tax increase gives you and the spending it will generate.  To date you are acting more like teenagers who received a large inheritance from Uncle Taxpayer.  It is not a perception that taxpayers want to see.  A teenager with a large inheritance will spend on things they ought not without sound financial consideration.  You look to be doing or planning some spending that is by no means top of the priority list.  More big buses will make more crumbling roads.”

Will Normal listen? Likely no, not until you elect people without their own agenda.

April 2021!

7 thoughts on “Will Normal’s Council listen?

  1. Streets and curbs all falling apart on Bradley Lane, Warren, Aurora Way and they were all scheduled for repairs 5 years ago. The city repair two blocks with in the section that was in that plan and never returned.

    STILL WAITING and mowing the grass the that is growing up through the blacktop surface.

  2. Normal only does what Normal wants. Our council and mayor have demonstrated what the citizens need does not matter to them. Preston and Lorenz are supposed republicans but vote as Koos puppets. These 2 are the definition of RINO. Cummings and McCarthy were brought on to rubberstamp Koos. Smith campaigned that she would represent people, she has shown herself to be a typical politician by saying what she needed to get votes then magically forgot about who she serves. Nord is the only one who cares for the people, but he is outnumbered.

  3. I appreciate the prior comment, especially to use what you have for it’s intended purpose before asking for more. These are simple matters of honesty, accountability, results and respect at the very least. Had to chuckle at the curb picture at Portillos.I was looking at it just the other day as a big transit bus cut the corner and drove over it. Wonder if the damage would be worse if there were actually people in the bus.

  4. WHAT? They don’t even WANT to LISTEN to you at “public comment”!
    Sit down, listen and learn peon. THIS is the NEW Demonrat philosophy!!
    Other then looting, criminal acts and being totally UNACCEPTABLE citizens, even in a PRISON!
    I must say, I’m beginning to BELIEVE in the saying
    That way they CANNOT protest when we decide to shoot the LAWBREAKERS!

  5. They completely ignored thousands of signatures about not tearing down the mural. They picked CT board members who put the virtue signalling of having electric buses ahead of the health of our roads and the ego of ‘size matters’ ahead of providing service to people who truly need it, and brought zero pressure to try to change those decisions. There’s no way they’ll listen to a single citizen unless it’s one of their friends.
    Though they might fix that corner at least, since Portillo’s *is* one of their ego projects.

  6. These sign should litter Normal streets.

    | Fire Koos, |
    | Chemberly |
    | McCarthy |

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